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Panama City hit by water problems

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Panama City hit by water problems

Chilibre production cut 50%
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Large sections of Panama city are suffering low water pressure  and some are without water following a break in an 18 inch pipe  in the Gonzalillo sector, which gets water directly from the Federico Guardia Conte water treatment plant in Chilibre, where production for the city was reduced to 50%, says the water authority, IDAAN.

There will be low pressure in the low parts of the city and lack of drinking water in the high points of: Rio Abajo, Lefevre Park, San Francisco, El Dorado, Pueblo Nuevo, La Cresta, La Locería, Betania, Miraflores, Altos de Miraflores, Dos Mares, Villa de Las Fuentes 1 and 2, Santa María, Hato Pintado, Altos de Panamá, Carrasquilla, Plaza Edison, Limajo,Octobre  12

Also, affected are the high points of San Miguelito, Panama Norte and all sectors far from the network that comprise Panama East from Pedregal to the Siesta de Tocumen.

Blessed areas

The sectors of Calidonia, Santa Ana, Perejil, San Felipe, El Chorrillo and Reverted Areas that are supplied by the water treatment plant of Miraflores are excepted.

Once the repair of the water treatment plant of Chilibre is finished, Idaan says that it will recover its production 100% again and the system will be gradually stabilized in the affected sectors.



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