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Not to forget, TIP - this is Panama. Things are not always logical or consistent. It could have been that the yellow paint was cheaper than the white paint that day, or perhaps that was all they had in inventory.

Yes, I know I am being critical, but that has been my experiences so far while here.

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On ‎1‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 4:52 PM, Siempre Soluciones said:




Thanks for the clarification.  I have always assumed that the white lines indicated a one way street whereas the yellow lines indicated a two way street.



You are correct:  https://driversed.com/driving-information/signs-signals-and-markings/markings-colors-patterns-meaning.aspx

My guess is that "Ready for painting lines..." was communicated and nobody stopped to think "Oh wait, this is a one way street".  Just the usual lack of planning or thought, resulting in errors and rework that you see here every day.

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I'm not as likely to assign the color of the roadway markings to the stupidity of Panamanians.

"The last article of the site shows you the difference of colors on the roads, since in the vast majority white and yellow are used to identify limits or orders.

The yellow lines are in the center of the road, and by the regular ones it shows us an order so that we can drive efficiently and avoid accidents at any cost. Pay attention to the yellow color The yellow color, especially on rural roads and highways, plays a fundamental role for all drivers and their safety on the roads.

There are different yellow lines that can mean our passport to better driving or death itself. Knowing what they mean is an excellent opportunity to be a better person.

Only yellow line: This, in addition to being a division between the lanes, means that we must not exceed any car that is in front. We will find it before a dangerous crossing, a curve or some risk zone, like the school one.

Double yellow line: It has almost the same meaning as the previous one, only in this one you have to be a little more careful. Usually, if you see the double yellow line, it means that none of the 2 senses can overtake a car.

Simple cut line: When you see a yellow line segmented into rectangles means that, with due care, we can pass the vehicle in front of us.

Double line cut: Similar to what happens with the double yellow line, when we see 2 segmented lines it means that both senses can pass.

Combined line:  If you see a straight line on one side, and a segmented line on the other, it means that on one side it is totally forbidden to overtake, but on the other side we can perform this maneuver."



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