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Panamanian Nathalee Aranda puts her eyes on gold at the Pan American Games

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Panamanian Nathalee Aranda puts her eyes on gold at the Pan American Games

Thu, 01/03/2019 - 15:45


The Panamanian jumper Nathalee Aranda, who is still training in Birmingham, England, told Acan-Efe today that she has several challenges this year, including going for the gold medal in the Pan American Games Lima 2019.

"In my mind there is always the possibility of being on the podium, this time (at the Pan American Games) it will not be the exception, I'm always working to fulfill that goal", said the athlete born in Colón, in the Panamanian Caribbean.

The winner of the gold at the 2017 Bolivarian and Central American Games is aware that she is following the footsteps of her cousin, the only Panamanian Olympic medalist, Irving Saladino.

"On following in the footsteps of Irving (Saladino), I am very aware of that, but at the moment my coach and I are not focused on the Olympics, but on the Pan American Games, clearly the biggest goal is the Olympics", she said.

Aranda will remain for four months in English lands, to then continue her training in Spain or France, but prior to her departure from England has a scheduled competition.

"I'm quite well thanks to God, I'll be in England for 4 months, until March, then we'll go to France or Spain, but before traveling I'll compete in the national championship of England, in February, to see my adaptation to the weather and my technique", she said.

She added that in Spain and France there is the possibility of "training and possible competitions".

Training in England, the athlete emphasizes that it is the same everywhere, only that there are more teams to work with and better facilities, "but what’s has cost me something more was to adapt to the weather, besides separating from my family".

She points out that during the holidays "the 25th and the 26th (of December) and the first of January were free days, but after those days off, we continue to work hard", she said.

Aranda's routine, which includes physics and technique, is more intense since her arrival to England last December.

"By day we work two and a half hours, the load of training has been going up", she said.



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