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How to complain to the Superintendent of Banks in Panama

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I have an account at Credicorp Bank. I had permission from them to receive a wire from an account I have (not in the US). They understood that I would then wire the money to another account (also not in the US). I gave them proof of where the funds originated, and documentation about where it was to go and what for.

Well, on Monday morning, January 11th, I filled out the paperwork to send the wire. Now, five days later, it STILL hasn't been sent. Several contacts to the bank have gotten me nowhere. I know they are holding my money because they get interest on it, but five days is beyond ridiculous.

I'm sure the Superintendent of Banks has rules about this. Can someone tell me the best way to file a complaint, and if I need a lawyer to do so.


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The transfers had nothing to do with the US. The transfers to my Credicorp account were from the UK (and the funds were received promptly). Then I want to wire the funds to another source, also in the UK. The problem seems to be that Credicorp wants to hang on to my money as long as possible. Monday I will file a complaint with the Supt. of Banking.

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I have had mixed results when wiring money into Panama.  I've had it show up here the next day, and I've had it take as long as 5 days to appear.  There really is no excuse for any delay at all.  Given the millions of dollars being wired on a daily basis, it looks to me like the receiving bank is simply helping themselves to interest free loans at our expense.

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1 hour ago, Dottie Atwater said:

And the obvious question is, Keith? I'm missing something...

I can't speak for Keith, but the obvious question that occurs to me is,  if you were moving money between two sources in the U.K., why you sent it to Panama at all?

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