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New One-Way Street Designations in David

The Chamber of Commerce of David asked for changes to some of the major arteries in order to improve flow and access.

In total there are nine modifications according to Engineer Fabián Gutiérrez of the Department of Engineering of the ATTT, which will be carried out to reorder the road circulation, due to the commercial growth of the district, starting at Av. F Sur, from the Y at the Delta station, in one direction, until the intersection of Av. Cuarta, which passes in front of the old police barracks.

In parallel, Calle E Sur will be in only one direction, from Ave. Cuarta Este, going towards the Pan-American Highway, but keeping the stop signs.

Calle C Sur or the Vía Rápida keeps it's one-way designation.

Calle B Sur will be used in the opposite direction, as an entrance to the city.

The changes will continue on Ave. Primera Oeste from the exit of Parque de las Madres in David, where it will continue in a single direction towards the Chiriqui Governor's Mansion.

Av. A Norte will be used to complete the entry cycle and the Av. B Norte as an exit to the Pan-American Highway.

Avenida Central from F Sur to Ave. Obaldía; from Antojitos, passing in front of the Municipality of David, it will remain as a way of income.

Felipe V. Rodríguez, president of CAMCHI, indicated that for years, the broadest quadrant had been requested to create a friendly city, however he indicated that the changes are positive, but it will depend on the campaigns promoting the changes, to avoid confusion between drivers.




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Making Calle F Sur one way will be a disaster. Many people use this street in order to make a left turn onto the Pan American Highway. There's a stop light at the intersection that facilitates making this left turn. No such stop light on the intersection of the Via Rapida and the Pan American and making a left from the Via Rapid is very difficult and dangerous.

Speaking of stoplights, the one at Calle F Sur and the Nissan Dealership has been non-functioning for at least a month.

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The way I read it, the Calle F remains two-way between the "Y" at the Delta gas station and the traffic light at the Pan American Highway. If you want to make a left onto the Pan American, you'll have jog over one block to the left once you are level with the Y, coming up from Fourth street towards the Pan American.

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A month has elapsed since the announcement, and the Calle F road to the airport is still definitely two-way, except that the traffic signal halfway down toward the former police barracks is dark. Re-reading the announcement clarifies that they stated that the work on changing signage and signals was starting, rather than the immediate conversion to one-way traffic.

BTW, there is an almost complete sign on the corner building that has been under construction forever - it identifies the structure as the "Hotel City Plaz"... with space left for the missing "a" as of yesterday.

Seems like quite a long time to get the signals changed... must be fiestas patrias month...

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I have no idea why they removed the traffic light at the intersection of Calle F and the Pan Am highway.  That made a bad situation worse, and I can't come up with even an implausible reason to remove it.  It was the way I went to the airport, and now I don't know a better way than just winging it.

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