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Phone and Watch repair shop

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The guy who had a shop next to Super Baru and behind the Sabroson #3 restaurant has moved. I need a minor repair on my watch band. Ven Jewelry fixed it a couple of weeks ago and it didn't hold and they charged me almost as much as the watch cost originally. ?

Does anybody know where the guy moved to? He was a whiz on fixing things like phones.


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I found his new location which is basically across the street and next to El Constructor (AKA Boques Palmira). When I first couldn't find him I took the watch to Ven Jewelers for a minor fix on the band. The lady there worked for 20 minutes and charged me $3.21. It held for about a week and broke again. My guy who I just found, worked for 3 minutes and charged me $1. It's held so far.

I think he's a genius on fixing watches and phones. Let's support him. I think his shop is called Shalom (or something similar).

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