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Corridor toll increase ruled illegal

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The increase in toll charges on Corredor Sur approved by the Varela administration in 2016, has been declared illegal by Panama’s  Supreme Court.

The decision by the third chamber follows a lawsuit filed by the Provincial Chamber of Transportation calling for the nullity of the Cabinet Council resolution of August 18, 2016, which approved the increase.

The October 4 ruling, points out that the Cabinet Council failed to comply with the Transparency Law of 2002, by not conducting public consultation before approving the adjustment of tariffs in the Southern Corridor.

“Law 6 of 2002 expressly states that in the acts of the Public Administration relating to the setting of rates and fees for services, citizen participation must be allowed,” says the ruling

The judges of the Third Chamber explain that the participation of citizens was necessary, so that “those who could be affected in their interests and their rights …  have the opportunity to obtain and analyze the supporting information of such measures and thus to be able to express their opinions. ”

The decision was notified to the Public Prosecutor, Rigoberto González Montenegro. Once the period of notification to the rest of the parties has been completed, the ruling must be published in the Official Gazette, so that the increase in the rate in the Southern Corridor will be canceled.



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