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Holistic & Natural Medicine Boquete


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Greetings to the Local Community 



Holistic Medicine Practitioner with close to 20 years Experience offering health services
in Alto Boquete ...  Mention this Ad in the Month of October for 10$ off your First Visit ! 
Some of the Services Offered Include : 
Holistic Health Evaluations which address the state of the Organs and Bodily Systems to determine health conditions and their underlying causes ...
Toxicity and Parasite Assessments which can reveal with a Reliable degree of Accuracy the amount of exposure to Heavy Metals and Pathogenic Organisms that may be a significant factor in your health process ... 
Nutritional Analysis to determine what foods and supplements may be incompatible for your body and creating unwanted health imbalances ..  We then determine with Accuracy which foods and Supplements are most correct and beneficial for you ...
Natural Detoxification Programs to assist you in safely & effectively eliminating toxins which have accumulated in your body and create the foundation for most health problems including pain and even mental/emotional imbalances ..  
Intuitive Counseling & Life Coaching Sessions to assist in getting to the Root of any emotional , mental or Spiritual Issues that may be interrupting your life & helping you to get clear & back on track ...  
Homeopathic Analysis to precisely identify Remedies which will be the most compatible for your current health concerns ..  Homeopathic remedies can then be specifically created for you here while you are in session ....  
For the Month of October most Sessions are 60$ with the Discount ..  Please call for more information and check out the website to learn more ...
Phone / WhatsApp   6377 9291 
Holistic panama is a healing arts center for Holistic & Spiritual Guide Programs. We provide High Level Holistic, Functional & Integrative Medicine Work ..


Look forward to Hear from You ~ 
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