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Brain Booster & Support Supplements -- SOLD

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A donor has given the Handicap Foundation these 5 bottles of "brain food'. They are all sealed and unopened with no expiration dates.

1423110983_Superbrainboost.jpg.838ea9bf53b3cc710abd05a99a6f0dfe.jpg1423110983_Superbrainboost.jpg.838ea9bf53b3cc710abd05a99a6f0dfe.jpgThere are two Super Brain Boost bottles (120 capsules total) with a value of $29.00





Inteligen.jpg.8cf5e164120deb98e21238df17b945a9.jpgInteligen.jpg.8cf5e164120deb98e21238df17b945a9.jpgThere are two Inteligen Advanced Formula bottles (60 capsules total) with a value of $49.00





1354306260_BrainSupport.jpg.dffa5061b4ea5ba3d61f1efda4bfdb91.jpgThere is one Brain Support Plus bottle  (60 capsules) with a value of $49

There is a $127 value for all 5 bottles if ordered on the internet. Oh, don't forget duty and shipping.

You'd be one smart cookie if you bought these five bottles for $40. Think how smart you would be after taking a month or two of these supplements. Awesome !!! Would you join my trivia team?

Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.


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