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3 bodies found in BMW at police checkpoint

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3 bodies found in BMW at police checkpoint

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THE BODIES of three people, two men and a woman of Panamanian nationality were discovered in a BMW 4×4 at a police checkpoint in Pacora on Friday afternoon, October 5.

The driver and another man in a vehicle that attempted to flee have been arrested.

COPS-300x192.jpgaccording to the first reports from the authorities a police search net was set up after residents heard detonations in a house under construction.

The truck was stopped at a police checkpoint on the road to Cabra, in the  El Trébol sector i

National Police commissioner Senén Castillo confirmed the operation that resulted in the arrests of after  the three bodies were found inside the vehicle

The driver displayed a calm and cold attitude say police contacts.




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Homicide charges  after 3 bodies found in car

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TWO MEN  allegedly linked to the three bodies found in a BMW 4X4 after a police chase in Pacora, were charged with homicide, following a security hearing on Sunday, October 7.

Ángel Palomino and Victoriano Aguilar, have been placed in preventive detention for six months while investigations continue.

The three corpses, two men and a woman, were found on Friday, October 5.

A security camera video of a security camera showed the moment when units of the National Police, stopped the vehicle carrying the bodies after a chase because the driver of the BMW did not stop at a police checkpoint in the Cabra sector.



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