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Kidnapped baby returned to parents

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Kidnapped baby returned to parents

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A three-month-old baby boy, kidnapped by two armed men earlier in the day was returned unharmed to his parents in Esperanza, Arriajan on Thursday evening September 27.

He was found in La Lupita, Vista Alegres, after a major 12-hour search operation by National Police, the DIJ and Public Ministry
The sister of one of the alleged kidnappers gave the baby to the police.

Two suspects had previously been arrested in El Coco de Capira and had identified another man and a woman linked to the kidnapping through the GPS system of a stolen iPhone, reports La Critica.



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Teen in baby kidnapping  probe behind bars

Other suspects scheduled to appear
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A 17-YEAR-OLD who kidnapped a three-month-old baby on Thursday, September  27 allegedly to demand ransom from his Asian parents is in preventive detention while investigations continue.

The adolescent who had turned himself in at 4:00 p.m. yesterday- was submitted hours later to a closed r hearing in the Adolescent Criminal Court, Third Judicial Circuit of La Chorrera. which ordered his arrest for six months while the investigations last.

The kidnapping and a robbery took place at 9:20 a.m. in a residence In El Tecal, Arriajan when two criminals bound and gagged the mother, stole money and a smartphone and took the baby from his stroller.

After the hearing, one of the aunts of the 17-year-old  questioned that the Police and others officials take photos as if they recovered the baby, when it was she who spoke with her nephew, rescued and delivered the child. “The police were taking pictures, they did not rescue the baby, I gave it because I do not agree with what my nephew did, he’s going to take his punishment because he has to pay

The parents of the minor, accompanied by police,  took the baby at 11:00 p.m to a private clinic in La Chorrera for medical review.  He baby was also seen attended by a forensic doctor from the Public Ministry for his legal medical evaluation, to follow the prosecution investigation procedure

Another hearing is scheduled for two adults alleged to have been involved .



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