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Rogue taxi driver robs rider in David

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Approximately 3 weeks ago, an acquaintance ( 21 yr old indigenous male, Native Spanish speaker; IOW not a Gringo) hailed a taxi in central David. The taxi driver drove for a bit, and then robbed the rider at gunpoint.  A struggle ensued, and thankfully the gun wasn't discharged--who knows, it could have been unloaded or a toy, the rider didn't know.  But the driver stole the wallet, phone, backpack, and the rider's shoes.  The rider's hand was injured and he experienced some nerve damage resulting in a flacid right hand.  After this 3 weeks, he's finally regaining some control over his hand.

The driver drove off and the rider didn't get the license plate.  He went to the police, but without a license plate, there is nothing the police could do.

There is a Boquete bombero who drives taxi in David on his days off and while on vacation.  His name is Enrique Pitti.  Ph #  +507 6272 7744  Spanish speaker only

An English speaking, honest, full time David taxi driver is Carlos +507 6514 0650

Both are honest men.

Be careful who you ride with  in a taxi.

It was suggested to me that quite possibly, the taxi car might have been stolen by the robber.  We have no knowledge of a stolen taxi report as we don't follow news in Spanish.

Best to ride in taxis with a known driver.  Above are 2 known entities

I've entered both mens names and numbers in my contacts so I can call ahead if I anticipate needing a taxi.


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