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Construction of Bio-Mass Energy Plant in Chiriqui Announced

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Construction of Energy Plant Announced

In Panama, Ingenio Alanje plans to invest $50 million in a sugarcane bagasse-based generation plant, with an installed capacity of 34 MW.

Friday, September 21, 2018

The sugar mill that processes 520,000 tons of cane per year is located in the village of El Tejar, district of Alanje, province of Chiriquí, and is planning to construct a biomass-based power plant, which is expected to be operational by the next harvest, in the summer of 2019.

See "Central America: $1.6 billion in Energy Projects"

Anel Flores, director of the company, explained to Laestrella.com.pa that " ... it would be the first plant of this type to be set up in Panama, although it has become an international trend seen in more and more countries, especially sugar-producing sugar mills."

According to preliminary estimates by the developers, the plant will generate electricity from cane bagasse for an initial period of 120 days to 125 days a year.

See also: "Energy projects in Panama" 

The article reports that "...To start generating energy, the plant will be fed, mainly, from the bagasse produced by the ground cane in the mill, but the possibility of using other plant waste or biomass, such as rice husks and palm oil bast, is being analyzed as well as what results from the harvesting of almost all the waste wood that is produced in Chiriqui from pruning done by Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica, S.A. (Etesa) and other wastes that can be used to generate clean and renewable energy."



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