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The Fifth Olde Timey Radio Show, October 5 and 6

Phil Bennett

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Here are the audio tracks from the Saturday, October 6, 2018, performance of the Olde Timey Radio Show. The first half recording is 1h 04m 46s duration, and the second half recording is 1h 06m 54s duration. Just click on the white triangle inside the orange circle to start the playback.

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 Thanks to Mike Webber for these photographs. Thanks to Bud Huber and Marcelyn Jandreau for their ongoing support of the Olde Timey Radio Show. It would not be possible without them.
Some are from the dress rehearsal - others from one of the performances

For some reason I could not upload the picture of Mike Schwartz, our main man and resident MC. Sorry Mike



Camillo 'No Existo'.jpg

Despacito dancers.jpg



Glenn & Dianne.jpg

Harry Irene.jpg


Frank & Friends.jpg



Jennifer and Mike.jpg



Stage manager -Chris.jpg

The Coffee Drinkers.jpg


Zoe & Camillo.jpg

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While attending the first performance of The Olde Timey Radio Show (OTRS) on Friday evening, I used my Nikon D5600 to take video clips of the performances. That camera is a still camera, but it can take movies of limited duration. Some of the movie clips I took did not work because the lighting and/or people in front of the camera caused the focus mechanism to go crazy, but I figure that something is better than nothing.

And so, here are the video clips of many, but not all, of the musical pieces, skits, dances,  etc. Enjoy.

If you did not attend this show, you missed something very entertaining. We are looking forward to the next OTRS.

Our hats off to all who made this show such a success. Thank you.

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Looks like it was a good show. I don't live in Boquete and have to ride public transportation or taxis. With the rain it didn't seem worth the trouble to go but now I kinda wish I had. You got more Panamanians on stage. Move in the right direction.

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