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Cabinet approves direct contract between MOP and construction company CUSA for more than $ 3 million

By Carlos H. González 2-3 minutes

The direct contracts that have been object of critics on the part of the organized civil society continue parading in the administration of the president Juan Carlos Varela. In a Cabinet resolution of September 20, 2018, the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) was authorized to sign a contract of this type with the company Constructora Urbana S.A. (CUSA).

A publication in the Official Gazette of Friday, September 22, reveals that the Cabinet Council "approved the contracting by exceptional procedure [direct contracting] to the Ministry of Public Works with the company CUSA for the sum of three million three hundred and seventy One thousand six hundred and seventy six dollars with 50/10 (B / .3,371,676.50) ".

The agreement with CUSA under the figure of direct contracting is for the rehabilitation of streets in the district of Boquete, in the districts of Alto Boquete, Bajo Boquete and Los Naranjos in the province of Chiriquí.

The need to repair these streets arises after the construction of the aqueduct and sewerage by the National Council for Sustainable Development (Conades); the streets in the aforementioned districts were seriously affected. According to Cabinet Resolution No. 85, "the company contracted for these works has the sufficient capacity to guarantee the supply and quality of all the essential materials, machinery and suitable professionals".

Faced with the scenario of the direct contracts, in statements made to TVN Noticias, the businessman Severo Sousa said that "a new Public Procurement Law is needed that is as pristine as possible."

The construction company CUSA participates in other government projects such as the urban renewal of the city of Colón and the remodeling of the Vía Argentina, work promoted by the Municipality of Panama.


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