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First Panamanian roasted coffee shipment hits US market


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First Panamanian roasted coffee shipment hits US market

Sat, 09/22/2018 - 10:33


The Panamanian Corporación Volcancito S.A. completed its first shipment of 15 boxes of roasted pacamara variety coffee to the United States, in the framework of the Panama Exporta program promoted by the Panamanian Government and which benefits producers by exporting to the United States.

The company sent 15 boxes, each with 50 pounds of this coffee produced in the community of Volcancito, Boquete, in the western province of Chiriquí, said its manager, Martín Santos.

There are already 27 companies nationwide that chose this country brand granted by the ministries of Agricultural Development and Trade and Industries to ensure the optimum quality of the product that is exported, meeting the demand of international markets.

The coordinator of the Agribusiness Office of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA) in Chiriquí, Rodolfo Lacayo, said that Panama Exporta promotes Panamanian products abroad and trains agro-exporters in the production process.

Lacayo highlighted that in Chiriquí 17 companies are integrated to this program, gaining support for the exports of varied items, including, papaya, pineapple, coffee, shrimps and salmon food , says a statement from MIDA.

Panama's coffee industry is marginal, but the country has specialized in producing special coffees such as geisha, which is sold at record prices especially in Asia and Europe.

According to official figures, in 2017 coffee makers accounted for 1.2 percent of the country's total food exports.



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