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On Promoting Pet Adoption

Keith Woolford

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It's good to know that adoptions are also being promoted in other parts of the country as the pet culture continues to evolve in Panama.

Providing a second chance - Adoption

Roy Espinosa 22 Sep 2018 


Adopting a pet is not only a reason for joy, but also a commitment that must be taken thoroughly.


Moored at the entrance of a church, Mariam Gutiérrez found Kika, the name she gave to the dog, after deciding to adopt it more than 9 years ago.

According to a neighbor in the area, a man in a car left the animal tied and left.

Gutierrez says he was not among his plans to adopt a dog, but it is a decision he does not regret. "She changes my day to day in a positive way and when I have difficult days, she just lies next to me and comforts me."

Based on his experience, Gutiérrez recommends adopting before buying. "There are so many animals in the open, suffering from hunger and aggression. They want to be loved, to be part of a family that takes care of them, as much as they will take care of one. "


Receiving a pet in your home is not just a matter of wanting, but of commitment. "It's a responsibility for life," says Andrea Guevara, a member of the San Francisco de Asís Foundation (Fundasis).

"A pet is a member of the family and you have to consider, even the smallest details at the time you decide to adopt one," he says, warning that it is important to contemplate all possible situations, such as where to leave them if you have a trip, or the quality time that must be dedicated after working hours.

Before adopting, Guevara recommends reflecting on the freedoms and needs that every pet needs. As a good diet, receive medical attention periodically, have a comfortable space to eat and sleep, "free of all chains", recreation and coexistence, among others.

With the slogan #AdoptaNoCompres, Fundasis seeks to make people aware of the importance and benefits of adoption. "These animals are extremely grateful, as many of them know the negative side of humans: abandonment, abuse and neglect," says Guevara.



Tomorrow Sunday, September 23rd, Grada Radio will be holding an adoption day (AdoptaFest) at the Omar Park Dome, from 8:00 a.m. and until 4:00 p.m.

"Normally they are animals that have been rescued from the street or from situations of negligence or mistreatment by various animal rescue foundations such as the Zeus Rescue Group and Saving Tails Panama," explains Mirta Rodríguez, who is part of the organization of the event.

During this day, which will also have food areas, dog shows and pet training classes, attendees can interact with the animals for adoption and talk to rescuers about them to have a clear decision whether to adopt them or not.

Those interested in integrating a new member to the family, must present a copy of their ID, water or electricity bill, and show the rescuers photos of their home. "The copy of the card is necessary to have the data of the person who will be responsible for the animal. The receipt is to know that the person owns the house (it is not rented), and the photos have the purpose of being able to observe if the house is near or is an apartment and there is no risk of the animal escaping or being lost ", clarifies Rodriguez, who adds that the people who adopt must sign an adoption contract and accept visits or calls for verification by the rescuers after a few months of adoption.

For Rodriguez, the greatest benefit in adopting a pet is that both parties will earn a faithful companion.


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