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Some 56 Panamanian children will undergo heart surgery in Colombia

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Some 56 Panamanian children will undergo heart surgery in Colombias

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 16:57

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The Government of Panama announced today that it initiated the procedures to help 56 children aged between 3 months and 13 years to undergo heart surgeries at the Fundación Infantil de Bogotá, Colombia (Bogota Children Foundation).

Surgical interventions, which cannot be performed in Panama due to a lack of qualified physicians, will be possible thanks to an agreement signed between the Ministry of Health (Minsa) and the Children's Hospital of Panama and the Colombian Foundation.

In the next few weeks, children who require surgeries will travel to Colombia, and surgeries will be scheduled according to the Foundation's priority and ability to receive children, 

estimating that 3 to 5 patients will travel per month, the Ministry of Health said Thursday in a public statement.

It said that currently the necessary coordination is carried out so that the patients can travel with a relative and medical and administrative staff of the Children's Hospital.

The Ministry of Health said that "heart surgeries will continue to be performed abroad while Panama prepares highly qualified human resources for this type of intervention."

"At the moment there is a surgeon in training, and for the first quarter of 2019 in Spain two perfusionist nurses will be trained, as well as an anesthesiologist and an intensivist," said the official information.



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