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Sunday Movie- Schedule Change - : 1:00pm Sept. 16 at the BCP Theater: The Finest Hours (USA - 2016)


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The date for showing "The Finest Hours" is this coming Sunday, September 16.

We are switching dates for the next two movies. 
After a request from several regular attendees who will be involved is some of the other events this weekend, and cannot attend this coming Sunday's movie, we will show"The Finest Hour" this week and move "Bagdad Cafe" to next week. 

We don't charge admission, but we do ask for donations to support BCP and the Film Club program.  $2-3 per person is suggested, but any level of donation is much appreciated.  

The Clubhouse Cafe in the BCP Hex Room will be open.  Food and drink are available for purchase, and you can eat in the Clubhouse before or after the movie - or bring food and drinks into the theater.  But please clean up after yourselves so we don't have to hire a janitor.  

Note:  If you want to be on our email list (or be removed from it), please reply to BoqueteFilmClub@gmail.com  (If you subscribe to our mailings, you will receive weekly announcements instead of the once per month notices allowed by News.Boquete.)

  September Films:   
  • September 23 - Baghdad Cafe (USA/German - 1987)
  • September 30 - Cinema Paradiso (Italian - 1988)

  October Films:   (Dates to be announced) 

  • Mama Mia 2: Here We Go Again (USA - 2018 - to be released on DVD in October) 
Sunday, September 16 @ 1:00pm - The Finest Hour (USA - 2016)  1hr. 57 min.

English language film with English subtitles

Ratings:  IMDB - 6.8/10,  Rotten Tomatoes - 64%  RogerEbert.com - 2.5/4   (
Rated PG-13)  

Before the movie starts, we will show short 5 minute segment from a 1996 documentary about actual Coast Guard surf rescue training in big and wild surf. 

I find the story compelling, and the "action" scenes of the rescue in incredible stormy seas are truly excellent. Plus, I enjoy seeing films that portray the days of my youth in the 1950's.    

From RogerEbert.com: 


“The Finest Hours” tells the story of a true-life rescue operation, that, if someone had tried to pitch a similar but wholly fictional story following its basic parameters, would have been rejected as too implausible. For the most part, it is a solid film that bolsters its innately compelling narrative with effectively low-key performances, some genuinely thrilling sequences and only a few moments here and there that lean towards hokeyness.

Set off the coast of New England, the film recounts the events of February 18, 1952 when a severe storm arose with such force that two oil tankers, the SS Fort Mercer and the SS Pendleton, were both literally split in half. While the Fort Mercer was able to get off distress signals and attract help, the splitting of the Pendleton resulted in the sinking of its fore section and the loss of its commanding officers and radios. With the rear section of the ship taking on water and some of the crewmen contemplating going out in the lifeboats—a suicidal move considering the size of the boats and the strength of the storm—it is bookish chief engineer Ray Sybert (Casey Affleck) who figures out a way to steer the crippled remains onto a nearby shoal in order to give potential rescue parties a little more time in which to find them before the rising waters finally overwhelm the generators and leave them dead in the water. 

Link to traile

David van Harn

Curator, Boquete Film Club
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