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Yesterday I was in downtown David and stopped to see a friend who owns the building which houses the Restaurante Boca Chica and he showed me the latest improvements.

This is the #1 seafood restaurant in David and is very popular with locals.  The food is delicious and the place sparkles. Prices are reasonable and the service is professional.

Apart from the main dining room, there is a balcony, a separate air-conditioned salon, and a large area for fiestas. The kitchen is set up so that they can prepare multiple orders simultaneously.

Calle 5 near El Campeon





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Totally agree with Keith!

It is a great restaurant!  Free shots of ceviche with every drink purchased. We posted about it here:


Posted August 13

Johnf, Have you tried Boca Chica Restaurant in David? They specialize in fish, shrimp, and lobster. Free shot of ceviche with each drink order. Great food and service!



Menu:  https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g298430-d4916071-i78084923-Restaurante_Boca_chica-David_Chiriqui_Province.html

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32 minutes ago, Siempre Soluciones said:


Their menu looks great!


Does this restaurant have off street parking?


If you love seafood this is the place for you! No off-street parking. But unless it is the weekend never an issue for us. You can park in the free underground parking lot at El Campeon store right around the corner as an option.

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2 hours ago, Keith Woolford said:

Didn't see that, sorry. A real bright spot in a town with a notable lack of good dining facilities.

It is a bright spot!

As with the following places that we have eaten at on a regular basis:

Oh Toro Ramen,  Unplugged Restaurant Gastrobar,  Beef Restaurant,  El Fogon,  Restaurant Mezcla Gourmet, have been consistently reliable in their food, service and decent pricing. 

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