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Animales Clinic report and VENTA info


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On Sunday August 26, Amigos de Animals spayed or neutered 181 animals, 78 dogs and 103 cats.  We had four vets working, including Sra Sandy who kindly donates her time to us.  We were grateful to have Dr Nicholas with us because thanks to him, we were able to revive two dogs in distress.  All this reminds us that working the clinic is not to be taken lightly and working our assigned areas deserves our full time and attention. We are still learning how to best work with the students and help them learn how to help the animals. They have been a great asset, especially on the floor with the big dogs since some of us more senior volunteers just cannot get up and down so easily anymore. Having them present, however, does not mean that we place any less value on our regular volunteers, who sometimes might feel overwhelmed by them.  Just a reminder, our clinic totally depends on our regular volunteers, and if I have not said it lately or enough, thank you for all you do!

And while we are thanking, special thanks to Herta who donated a coffee maker, Margie Brooke for the delicious lasagna, Dennis Killebrew for the veggies and lemon bars, Heidi as always for the pizza, and everyone else who helps this clinic run on its stomach.



Get ready for the best and most anticipated Venta de Patio in Boquete and our biggest fundraiser of the year. It will be next Sunday September 16 at El Cacho Gym from 9 until 2.
Sheila, our Chair, was on Radio Chiriqui on Saturday with our friend Iris Herrera talking it all up.
We have been sorting and pricing for months and will be working all week finalizing the pricing and set up. 

Now all that is left is for you is to get the word out with your friends, neighbors, workers, everyone.  Gift Certificates will be on sale at the Tuesday Market.

Below is a brief history of our Venta as written by Jane Vasarhelyi – and she should know, she has been a big part of it since the beginning. Enjoy:

The Amigos de Animales Venta de Patio is the oldest of Boquete’s city-wide yard sales. Started in 2007, by today’s standards it was relatively small potatoes. Yet it felt big to those of us committed to getting it under way. Most of us were very new to Boquete and the ways of the community. There was a steep learning curve – Where to have the sale? How to advertise? How to know if we were reaching the Boquete buying audience and the expat donating one? What to include in the sale? (The issue of burgers and beer was hotly debated and nixed for the first few years.)

Donations were stored, organized, priced and packed up for transport in Jane Vasarhelyi’s mammoth garage. When that reached maximum, it overflowed into the house and took over the downstairs. That was also the year we hung the clothes on a makeshift line across the Vasarhelyis’ entrance and decorated their bushes with shoes and purses and various undergarments. Most importantly, that was the year that Ruby’s casita and its Christmas treasures landed in Jane and Laszlo’s dining room and, with them, critters who sneaked into the Vasarhelyis’ walls and drove Laszlo wild.

He wasn’t the only one. The next year, we got the lockup and the clothes migrated to Alicia and Jennifer, who began to drown in them. Ditto Dottie.

We learned: everything else is wonderful but clothes and good quality ones are very, very important to Boquetenos. So drown Alicia and Jennifer have every year since then.

Our sale brought folks from all over Chiriqui. People in Caldera chartered a bus to attend. It was an all-day affair, especially after we added a food court.

11 years later, our Venta de Patio has become the model for many others in Boquete. The competition has made it more difficult for us but it is a difficulty we wear with a certain amount of pride.

And let’s face it, there is still nothing quite like the Amigos de Animales Venta de Patio. One of our first ads says it all.





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