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Are you ready for Koji? What about Pot Pies?


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Great day everyone...



We have been busy experimenting with the coolest food trend that has actually been around for many 1000 years...  Koji.   You may have heard of this mold as it is the most important ingredient in making things like Soy Sauce, Rice Wine Vinegar, Saki, Miso, things like that.  Most people generally stop there.  Here in our test kitchen we have been throwing this mold at everything and the results are ridiculous.  If you've ever seen koji it actually is a very sweet smelling, florally mold unlike the other molds that smell dank and musty.   This mold acts as an accelerant and works  wonders when it comes to fermentation.   It is what many would consider a living food that has beneficial bacterial which work harmoniously with the human body.


This mold eats starches and carbohydrates and converts them into enzymes and simple sugars.  This knowledge opens up a world of possibilities and the biggest one we have found is that Koji spores when placed on beef breaks down the proteins and mimics dry aging.  So in 48 hours you can have a steak that is super tender and resembles a 30 day dry aged piece of beef!!  In charcuterie Koji is producing results in literally half the time it normally takes with much deeper and better flavors.  With vegetables Koji is fermenting and preserving them and bringing out a deeper richer vegetable flavor.  

We are just getting started with our experiments and look forward to producing this on a much bigger scale.  Right now we are creating a sugar and salt substitute with koji and the results have been very promising.   Here is my question for you.  Is this something that you think you might be interested in?   We have lots of options when it comes to koji but I am guessing that the most popular might be a meat tenderizer?   Let me know if this is something that tweaks your curiosity.   If there is a big enough demand I will see about filling it....


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This week in our kitchen we dedicated all of our time making our Chicken Pot Pies.   If you would like to check out our menu click this link.





Thanks and we will see you soon

Eric, Cecelia, Chandler, Keira, Aidan

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