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Ancient Medicinal Remedies and Another for Allergies and Immune Boosting


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Have you been watching the FREE health docu-series

Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness? Wow…

Here’s a link to sign up to see it. This is time sensitive so act now. Amazing information and natural ways to treat health conditions affecting many of us, our friends and family. The good news is many of the remedies mentioned are available at the Finca Feliz table every Tuesday at the BCP Market.


Ashwagandha, and the medicinal mushrooms of Reishi, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail and Chaga are all featured in depth. Start your new healing regime today. A free bulb of garlic is given to those who purchase 2 bottles of tinctures.

Check out my capsules of medicinal mushrooms – 14 varieties together in one capsule.

A new arrival being featured at my table is the Garlic and Honey combo for pollen allergies. It really works

Organic garlic from Gilroy, California is available for those who want real garlic for medicinal use as well as cooking delicious food.

Are your emotions out of balance? My Bach Flower Remedies will definitely help. I have all 38 remedies to make you, or your pet, a personalized combination. The results have been phenomenal and fast.

Fresh dried leaves and powder of MORINGA is now on SALE as there has been a bountiful harvest.

If you prefer to make your own tea, I have Ashwaghandha, Lions Mane Mushroom, Stinging Nettle, and of course, Moringa.

ASTROLOGY classes are forming for those who want to learn the science of the Universe. We are in crazy times and understanding the energies, and how they are affecting us, will help you navigate through them. As above, so below. Come by my table this Tuesday to inquire and sign up or send me an email. Personal readings are available as well.


Lvanderkar@gmail.com         6493 6947


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