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Watch out for Flying People


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Here’s a new experience! Yesterday afternoon about 4 o’clock while driving home (slowly) thru downtown Boquete, a man threw another fella out of the Sabroson #1, almost hitting our car with him. Yes, he was actually sailing thru the air.

The fallen man then staggered on across the street, picked up rocks and started throwing them toward the eatery window.

We noticed pedestrians stopping and alerting other people about the dangerous situation with the “flying objects”.


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Here is another dashcam extract. Totally unintentional to do this twice in one week. But it is what it is.

In this 25 second video clip look closely to the right of the blue car that is parked next to Sabroson and you will see what we saw. You can see the man in the orange shirt is the "offender," and the man in the blue shirt was doing the removal from Sabroson.

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