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Panama inaugurates the "largest" organic nursery in Central America

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Panama inaugurates the "largest" organic nursery in Central America

Fri, 09/07/2018 - 16:39

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The authorities of Panama inaugurated yesterday the "largest" organic nursery in Central America, owned by the company Simply Natural, engaged in the production of mango, banana, lemon and avocado seedlings.

The organic nursery was inaugurated by the Minister of Agricultural Development, Eduardo Carles, who stressed that it is a project of "controlled agriculture, specifically for the production of high genetic fruit-growing seedlings".

"We have to innovate and we are working to transform the country's agricultural and livestock sector," said Carles, who led the opening ceremony along with Simply Natural president Alan Wentead.

The facility is located in the community of Los Olivos, province of Coclé, and this Wednesday the "first eight hectares of organic nurseries" were inaugurated, according to data from the Ministry of Agricultural Development.

He added that Simply Natural is engaged in the production of mango, banana, lemon and avocado seedlings, and under the country brand Panama Exporta will send banana and organic lemon to the Netherlands.

Technicians from the Ministry of Agricultural Development of Panama trained 20 volunteers from the United States Peace Corps in the establishment of organic gardens, reforestation and nurseries, the agricultural entity informed today.

The training of this group of professionals in their third and fourth months in the country is a valuable tool to execute these projects, said Sara Caez, program and training specialist of the Peace Corps.

The Peace Corps volunteers carry out various activities with community groups and educational centers.

The training of the twenty volunteers was given by the technicians of the MIDA extension agency in the town of San Andrés in the western province of Chiriquí, according to the information.



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