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Thanks to John and Keith for the above referral to Alarmas Gustavo. 
I had been told by someone else that Mandarin and Ivan cut car key blanks (I had bought them online via Amazon, but they came from China, which I have since concluded may mean to expect variances in some products). 
Mandarin tried, then they saw that I couldn't turn either of the cut keys in the door or the ignition, they tried a second time, but I still couldn't, turn them and they refunded the cutting fee. 
Went to Ferreteria Ivan and they absolutely refused to cut any car keys. 
I had also heard of another (to remain unnamed) business in David who told me they wanted to hold my car for 2 days to do the work. 
Called Alarmas Gustavo and was told they could do the cutting of  the blanks and the programming of the keys' transponders in c. 2 hours.  Went there today.  Eduardo cheerfully took the two Mandarin-cut keys and an older original, recut the ones Mandarin had failed on, both worked fine, he had me out in a half hour for $20.
Conclusion:  Don't waste time, etc.  Go to Alarmas Gustavo.
:  )

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