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Interesting Tidbits About El Santuario


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Not many people can say that they live close to a castle. Those of us here in El Santaurio can claim such. I have known the original owners of the castle from before it was even built, but they recently relocated to another area here in Boquete.

About a year and a half ago the new owner's of the castle converted it into lodging for travelers, and named it Bambuda Castle. We understand it is very well received and popular with the backpackers, especially those from Europe. And so they added some yurts to increase their lodging capacity.

Now in the very recent past (the past week), one of the yurts has "become hairy" with the addition of what we believe to be grass that totally encloses the outer shell. Interesting conversation item.

The below picture shows two of the yurts, with the forward most displaying its new covering, and the rear one looking like it is getting ready to also grow hair.


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How interesting.  We were very fortunate to meet the original owners and have a dinner there back when they offered it as an item for Bid 4 Boquete.   It was quite something to not only get to know those wonderful folks but as well to see the inside of their castle and indoor pool and gym.   The lady of the castle made all the gourmet food and served it to us herself ....and it was quite a feast.  Salt of the earth people.  Anxious to see how this new incarnation evolves.

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