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Open Meeting w Questionnaire


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 On Spetember 10th at 1:00pm, at the Boquete Library (2nd Floor) The Caregiver Support Consortium (CSC) will hold an Open Meeting for wives and caregivers of the elderly and residents who have special needs (due to surgery-chronic conditions).  This meeting will include our volunteers, Boquete residents who are generous to share their time, skills and expertise in contribution to benefit the relief of caregivers who give of themselves 24/7 (around the clock) attention to assist friends and loved ones.

     This will be the start of our second year in Boquete!  We will share with everyone in attendance the plans we have for the upcoming year, and there is a Questionnaire we ask that every attendee fill-out, print if you are able, and bring on Monday, 10 September.

      If you have any questions, contact me by email at tbalkenhol1961@hotmail.com.  




Tamera L Balkenhol

Caregiver Support Consortium

September 2018


We are here for you.  We can be available when you need someone.  Please take a few moments to answer a the following questions that will assist you and all of us to fill some key needs.



Do you find that when you have an opportunity, you would like to take a break in the morning hours and welcome a visitor or a ‘get away?’

How could plans be formulated to allow for this need?




Are you someone who would appreciate an opportunity to go out for lunch or dinner (1-2 hrs) at a local place (or in David) with a companion/friend/group?  Feel free to elaborate.



3.     How is it that you would be able to ‘get away’ and find time for yourself?  Have you currently formulated a system that enables regular ‘get aways’?




4.     Would you appreciate an opportunity to have coffee/tea/hot chocolate with a small group, once or twice a week?  



5.     Would it be beneficial for you to read or journal within a group forum setting?  Take a class?  Be with friends?




6.     How many times would you like to see us meet?  Once per month?  Once per week?  Does this serve as one of your ‘away times’ that helps to alleviate the stress of each week?



7.     If you had a caregiver whom you could trust could you be able to, even get excited to benefit from weekly visits to release you for 2-4 hours a couple of times per week?




8.     How about caregiver loneliness and/or caregiver guilt, do you suffer from a case of CGL or CGG, currently?



9.     Finally, how can we make this caregiver support group work better for you?



10.  Could it be beneficial to you and your loved one to arrange an outing with friends that could a) fight loneliness; b) fight the dull drums and make the days just a lot more interesting?  There are many choices right here in Boquete,Chiriqui, and nearby!     Again, feel free to elaborate.



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