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Name Change for Gas Natural Fenosa

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Moderator comment: Note the date of this press release.


'Naturgy' to replace 'Gas Natural Fenosa' as the energy company's brand to face new challenges

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Press release from Naturgy Energy Group

Naturgy is the energy company's new brand, replacing 'Gas Natural Fenosa', and with which it will take on the new challenges defined in the Strategic Plan 2018-2022. This new name will cover the company's businesses in Spain and internationally. In this manner the new brand of the parent company will be Naturgy Energy Group, S.A.

"We are highly aware that the world is changing. The markets, technology and in particular, people evolve and we, as a company, can do not other than to respond to these challenges, respecting our heritage of 175 years. With Naturgy, we are building an international brand adapted to all the global markets where we operate and where we will operate. After all these years, we are lending fresh impetus to address new commitments, to be closer to our customers wherever they are and to seek out simple, environmentally-friendly solutions", explained Francisco Reynés, chairman of Naturgy.

One of the goals of this change is this global, transformative impetus of the new name, which will run parallel to the rollout of the new Strategic Plan to 2022 and which will lay the groundwork to consolidate the company as one of the chief energy operators on a global level.

The company announced the new brand to its shareholders during the course of the Shareholders General Meeting held today in Madrid, where the reasons for the transformation of 'Gas Natural Fenosa' into Naturgy were explained, highlighting the environment, simplicity, technological innovation, digitalisation and globalisation.


Naturgy seeks to represent the energy of our nature, together with a digital, global company that works to improve everyone's life by means of simple, natural energy.

"The company is not starting from zero. We are already acknowledged as a friendly energy company that is committed to its customers. But this acknowledgment will increase as from now. We will go further, making life easier for our customers thanks to technology and meeting their needs. We will be simpler, more digital and more concerned with flexibility", summarised the chairman for the shareholders in Madrid today.

The company, which will present its Strategic Plan tomorrow in London, is committed to simplifying processes, especially those that directly impact its customers, so the new Naturgy brand also seeks to boost easy interactions and accessibility to the world of energy.



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1 hour ago, John R Hampton said:

Window dressing on cracked glass.

Let's see how long it takes for Naturgy to show up on their website, stationary and store signage.

I would have just accepted reliable delivery.

Already done. Here is a screenshot of their "About Us" page directly from their website (https://www.naturgy.com), and note that their website now also says "Naturgy"*:



*To change a website's domain name is not a trivial undertaking.

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1 hour ago, Moderator_02 said:

Already done. Here is a screenshot of their "About Us" page directly from their website (https://www.naturgy.com), and note that their website now also says "Naturgy"*:


Nope, that's their Corporate website which you would expect to be up to date.

I'm talking about the Local website here in Panama.




Probably not in our lifetime . . .




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1 hour ago, Keith Woolford said:

and this is really important because.. ?

The longer local markets use the old brand name (gasNaturalfenosa) the longer it will take for people to recognize with the new name (Naturgy).

It is not necessary for corporate HQ to change their actual local web addresses but they should be transitioning to the new graphics on the country home pages.

The process of successful global name change is not easy and will take a very long time. Spain may have such a plan. Let's see.



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