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Question about auto license renewal when not in-country for long periods of time

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We have been approached by a friend who is "computer challenged" (more properly, illiterate) with a question about options for automobile license renewals when the owner is not in-country during the renewal month. I thought for a moment, and then concluded that we don't know that answer. This person has a residence, proper documentation (of residency and the automobile), etc., but frequently spends months outside of Panama. We thought about asking the Car Guy (Keith) privately, but concluded this is something that perhaps others in our community may wish to know as well.

What option(s) does someone have for legally proper automobile license renewal when they are not in-country? This person really does not want someone driving his vehicle (presumably because of liability issues, given the crazy drivers in this area). Can he renew early? What are the penalties, issues, and exposures if renewing late? Obviously the car revisado is something that gets wrapped into this process; can revisados be done early?

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Bottom line seems to be that few things are easy here.

Not sure why this procedure seems difficult.

A person returns from wherever, immediately obtains their vehicle's annual Revisado, pays a small late fee and buys the new Plate.

Possibly it's just a different system  than the U.S.   Maybe you can do these tasks in advance there.

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