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New recycling rules


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New Guidelines for Recycling with RRR Boquete

 Beginning this Tuesday September 4 we must change how we do things at our Rally.  This is due to demands from our buyer who has been coming with his truck to pick up all we collect.

For example:

Please continue to wash containers, plastic and glass. but now we ask you separate all by number on the bottom.  Examples:

Number 1 consists of soft drink, water and salad dressing    bottles; peanut butter and jam jars. Clear, green & blue only will be accepted

Number 5 usually are Condiment bottles, medicine bottles, straws, caps and closures, buckets. Reusable microwaveable ware; kitchenware; yogurt containers; margarine tubs; microwaveable take-away containers; disposable cups; soft drink bottle-caps; plates and tupperware.

 Please separate everything you bring in, either at home or when you come to the Rally.

We now are asked to separate colored paper from white (office copy paper), magazines and newspapers too.

Following these guidelines will improve our chances that the buyer will continue to accept our contribuitions.

Not doing this, makes the job of volunteers so much harder.  I ask every week for volunteers to stay for an hour or two to help sort, but if each person stayed long enough to insure what they bring in is sorted, we all come out ahead and we all share the responsibility.

We are not expecting you to put every single item in a bag of its own, but to take responsibility when you arrive to recycle at the Rally, to help us, take your items to our clearly marked area for that  item you brought, whether it’s a single empty aluminum can or three #1 water bottles.  Please no longer drop off a mixed bag of various things.  Unload, and let volunteers know you will help out;  park your car and come back and help sort what goes where.   

The business that picks it all up warns us if we load anything not on this list, he will stop sending his truck to pick up all we’ve collected. 

Please do your part and ONLY send these items. You can still bring cans and scrap metals as before, just wash out the cans and separate the aluminum from other metal.


1.- Claro Glass

2.- Dark Glass


4.- Cans / Scrap / metal

5.- Plastic # 1:transparent, green and blue

6.Plastic # 2  All colors

7.- Plastic # 4 All colors

8.-Plastic # 5 All colors                         

9.- All types of bags from any type of store

10.- Transparent, you fiill up at stores : salt.Sugar, rice, etc.)

11.- Tetrapack

12.- Cardboard

13.- Magazines

14.- Newspapers

15.- Color Paper

16.- white paper

17- batteries

Thank you so much for your understanding and lets all pitch in to get the job done right.   Howard Green, volunteer with Boquete RRR

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This seems to be going in a bad direction. I live closer to David than Boquete, but if I lived there I am pretty sure I wouldn't put up with all of these new rules and regulations. In one way I can understand, but it seems like the demands of the buyer have gone off the scale. Separating different colored papers into separate stacks. Get serious. I'll just put my recyclables in the garbage.

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