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Gas Natural Fenosa Relocates Its Office in David

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We recently had need to visit the Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF) office in David. It used to be located across the street from the large Multibank branch in central David. However, when we got there this week the facility had been vacated and locked up tight. A few minutes later in yet a different business, we asked a super dooper friendly Panamanian lady, unknown to us, if she knew where GNF was located, and she said across from Multibank. We told her of our experience a few minutes earlier and she said, “Oh, I didn’t know that, but I have a friend who works there”. She then texted her friend, and learned that GNF had recently relocated to Galería Central. We knew exactly where Galería Central is because there is a Subway sandwich shop there and we really like their César Pollo wraps (cheap, good food ?) for lunch while running errands in David.

Here is a Google maps link to show you where Galería Central is located (across the street from the Federal Givernment House): Galería Central.

We also have to say that there are some super dooper friendly and helpful people here. That helps offset some of the pain from poor electrical service where we live and the horrible condition of the roads in Boquete.

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