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  1. Yesterday's hike was fun as, we hiked in an area, I have not hiked on for a year or more. Palmira Abajo the area, we hiked, has many wonderful country lanes one of the reasons why, I enjoy hiking this highland area in the Boquete District as there are so many trails to choose, from easy to difficult. For the Boquete Nature Hike group on "Easy Wednesday", I choose trails easy to maneuver on for a 2-3 hour morning nature walk. Nevertheless, I do insist that you must be in good health to join this group. Hope you join us one morning! Here are a few of my photos from yesterday's hike. Explore Dream Discover
  2. American Tourist dies on Los Quetzales trail in Boquete The authorities of the Public Prosecutor's office similarly began the investigation of the event and await the examination and necropsy of the body of the tourist to know the causes of death of the foreigner. Bruce Weinril, 61, of American nationality, lost his life on Thursday afternoon, presumably when he was carrying out tourist activities on the Los Quetzales trail in the district of Boquete in the province of Chiriqui. google trannslate The event was recorded past noon on Thursday, when a call was received from a tour guide, who alerted the authorities that in Alto Chiquero, on the Los Quetzales trail , two tourists were accompanying him, both of US nationality and one of them slipped, hitting his head, so he went looking for a signal to ask for help, explained the tour guide. When arriving to the place the aid team of the firemen and the National Police rule that the foreigner did not maintain vital signs, reason why proceeded to give notice to personnel of criminology and the Public Ministry, for the accomplishment of the lifting of the body of the tourist . According to witnesses of the fact, the now deceased was coming up the hill, known as the laments in the Quetzals path and looked down, losing the balance of his body, which led him to slip and fell back hit his skull. The authorities of the Public Prosecutor 's office similarly began the investigation of the event and await the examination and necropsy of the body of the tourist to know the causes of death of the foreigner. SEE ALSO: They identify man beheaded near the border of Paso Canoas This death happens a week after five tourists were rescued by personnel of the joint task force in the Barú Volcano National Park, in the highland sector in the province of Chiriqui. The Joint Task Force began the search for these five tourists who climbed to the top of the volcano in the Volcán Barú National Park, when the rains and low temperatures intensified, which led them to ask for the support of being sought by the organisms of first aid to avoid complications. The search was coordinated by the National System of Civil Protection (Sinaproc) and park rangers of the Ministry of Environment (Mi AMBIENTE), who managed to locate them in the sector of the fogones near the top of the park where they were removed from the area by the district of Boquete and bring them safe and sound. The five rescued tourists joined the group of 24 people who were also rescued hours before they entered the Volcán Nacional Barú park, when bad weather occurred. http://m.panamaamerica.com.pa/provincias/muere-turista-estadounidense-en-el-sendero-los-quetzales-en-boquete-1092047
  3. until
    Meeting at 8:30 A.M. at the Plaza San Francisco located in Alto Boquete. we will meet in front of the Canasta Basica grocery. At 8:35 we car pool a short distance to hike in the Alto Boquete. I call this hike my backyard and that's how, I discover this trail. Wear long pants for this outing. All EZ Friday Nature Hikes on are for the beginner hiker, nature and birder, photography, bring along your binocs. We welcome intermediate and advanced hikers who enjoy nature to join us as well. Pack rain gear, water, binocs and a camera. This is a wonderful hike for the birder and nature lover. We meet at different locations twice a week. Wednesday for the intermediate to advanced hiker, EZ Friday is for the beginner, even for the advanced hiker and especially for the nature lover, birder and photographer. Nature hiking is not about rushing to the end, but more about looking at what surrounds you, relaxing and learning more about Boquete's natural beauty. We hike "Off the Beaten Path" it's the best way to hike and to take in nature. Email Jere McCormick to be placed on the hiking email listing to receive your weekly announcements. jere chica @gmail .com (no spaces) See you on the trail. What does nature "hiking off the beaten" mean? No hikes on asphalt, we hike where the guides don't take the visitors 95% of the time, we hike in the surrounding hills of Boquete and in rainforest area - even during the rainy season. A few photos from Alto Boquete hike. Below cute colorful tiny beetle.
  4. until
    Nature hiking is not about rushing to the end but more about looking at what surrounds you, relaxing and learning more about Boquete's natural beauty. Wednesday 22/Nov is for the intermediate/advanced hiker, meeting at 8:30 A.M. in front of the Boquete library located in Bajo Boquete along the main road leading into town. Since it was raining a lot last week, we will try again hiking the lower section on the El Pianista Trail. Gorgeous area just outside the lush rainforest. Wear long pants for this one as part of the hike will be in a cattle meadow and a fabulous 3 hour hike. Also pack rain gear, bug spray, binocs and camera. We meet at different locations twice a week. Email Jere McCormick to receive announcements of meeting places. jere chica @ gmail .com (no spaces) The beautiful and lush highlands of Cerro Pianista.
  5. until
    This week, we meet in front of Mort's Bakery, 8:30 A.M., then at 8:35, we carpool to the Lucero area on a path adjacent to the asphalt road for our 2 1/2 hour walk. The path is semi flat making for easy walking alongside a water channel, full of ginger plants, some waterfowl and loaded with butterflies, sometimes horse are roaming on the path. We walk to the Represa (water reservoir) La Estrella/El Valle, then back to our cars. Pack rain gear, water, bug spray, sun block, binocs, camera and wear hiking shoes or gym shoes with good outer sole treads, bring your hiking sticks as well. See you on the trail.
  6. "Off the Beaten Path Trekking" Explore, Dream, Discover, on foot with the best pioneer nature trekking group in Boquete. We have explored over 40 trails in this vast and beautiful area throughout the years. Join us every Wed. & Fri. This Week - 8:30 A.M. WED. NATURE HIKING 3+hrs. for Intermediate to advanced hiker, nature lover, photographer. We love breathing fresh air and love being outside! FRI. EZ NATURE WALK 1-1/2 HOUR for Beginners, nature lover, photographer. We enjoy nature! We walk at a steady comfortable pace since, our primary interest is exploring, looking, admiring nature and discovering the unusual whenever the opportunity arises, which it has many times. Each of Boquete's seasons has something new to discover and to teach us about nature. What to pack: during the rainy season (this year until December) need raingear., also pack binocs if you have them, water, sun block, camera, wear hiking shoes or gym shoes with good outer sole treads and hiking sticks, I have some to loan out. Requirements: As always to be in good health and able to keep up with group, though as mentioned, we do not hike at a rapid pace stopping often to take in the scenery or discover something NEW. For more info email jere chica @ gmail .com (no spaces) Slowing down and going on a nature walks/hikes makes one more aware of their surroundings such as the different spice aromas flowing through the air or capturing a butterfly through your camera lens or looking at moss through a loupe lens in the rain forest. Nature walks are an interesting learning experience. For more information and to be placed on the Boquete EZ Nature Walks master list email Jere McCormick. See you on the trails - Jere McCormick Photos from the nature trails around the boquete District. .
  7. until
    In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful - Alice Walker This Friday July 7th. meeting at 8:30 A.M. at the Plaza San Francisco parking lot leaving at 8:35. When parking your car do so on the side road not in the parking lot. No need to RSVP just show up. Our walk will be up in the beautiful highlands of Palmira Abajo. Palmira Abajo has many quiet country roads for enjoying a short walk or a long hike. Some of these dirt roads are steeper than others. The one we will do, as all trails in Boquete are, will be on a slight slant. I always enjoy the highlands of Palmira as it has much flora and fauna (in this case birds) to see no matter what time of the year it is. Pack: rain gear (essential), water, cap/hat, camera, binocs (birding), wear sunscreen, bug spray. Wear hiking shoes or gym shoes with good outer sole treads and bring along your hiking sticks (I have some to loan out). Nature walks are all about finding the unusual. See you on the trail.... Join us for the each Wednesday morning for a two plus walk or the popular EZ Friday Nature Walk also for 2 hours, meeting time 8:30 A.M. Butterfly and Lichen Trail Blazers Furry Tiny Caterpillar Mushroom
  8. Meeting in front of Sugar & Spice at 8:00 A.M. leaving promptly at 8:05. Wednesday is a nature hike for intermediate to advanced nature lovers. Being in good health, being fit and able to keep up with this group is advised. Although we do stop to smell the roses many times, our hikes sometimes tend to be rough hiking, long 4+plus hours at times and/or steep walking. We car pool to our destination this time to the highlands of Palo Alto to begin our hike. This seldom used gravel dirt road is a wonderful nature hike during the rainy season, as it has tall tall trees filled to gills with bromeliads, epiphytes, rolling hills, creeks are flowing alongside and cattle always dot the picturesque 50 shades of green hillsides. We hike up to the Tree Trek and stop in the restaurant as our resting spot. Bring money to purchase a drink or snack. This hike will last 3 plus hours. Pack rain gear, water, snack, hat/cap, dress in layers (Palo Alto tends to be chilly for some), camera, bug spray, binocs; wear hiking shoes and bring along your hiking sticks. See you on the trail - Jere McCormick
  9. until
    The top rated Cloud Forest Botanicals Tour/walk will go again this Wednesday morning ( May 25) We have a few places left, ($33.00 per person),If you want to join, email Elizabeth before 6.00pm today (Tuesday May 24). For more details of the tour check the CFB website - http://cloudforestbotanicals.com/medicine-trail-walking-tours/ We meet in front of Oasis Hotel at 9.15am SHARP. gracias and see you there.
  10. Hiking with nature and off the beaten path. A hike for intermediate to advanced hikers. This week's destination, Boquete to Caldera on foot. Just show up no need to RSVP. Meeting at 8:00 A.M. Plaza San Francisco in the parking lot, leaving 8:05 to car pool to the La Estrella Represa (reservoir). Will be hiking from the reservoir to Cascada Chorca a beautiful hidden waterfall, then continue to the village of Caldera; a 10.5 KM hike. Requirements to be in good health and able to keep up with other hikers. Pack plenty of water, snacks, cap/hat, rain gear and bug spray. Wear sun block and shorts; since it's warmer in that area. Remember you to bring your hiking sticks, I have some to loan. We will have lunch in Caldera. We may not have enough cars to drive everyone back, you may need to take the Caldera/ Boquete bus back. Take $1.00 bills to pay for your lunch and bus. See you on the trail, Jere McCormick
  11. Wednesday Boquete Nature Hikes will now be longer and meeting at 8:00 A.M. We will continue to hike "off the beaten path". Wednesday Boquete Nature Hikes is now for the intermediate to advanced hiker and will be 4 hours or longer. Meeting at 8:00 A.M., Plaza San Francisco parking lot this Wednesday. At 8:05, we car pool to Lucero area to begin our hike into the town of Caldera via a back road, we have hiked on this road in the past. There is El Charco La Cascada in the area, we will do some exploring and try to it find along the way. Our hike will be approx. 10.7 KM or 6.50 mi. more or less and about a 4 hours hike going downward, although not very steep and if, we find the Charco La Cascada our hike will be longer. It will be warm, so dress lightly. Remember to take rain gear, plenty of water, bug spray and a snack. We will end our hike at Restaurante Melissa, it does not have a menu but, super inexpensive. Bring money no twenties, Caldera is a small village. Hiking sticks are necessary, I have some to loan out and hiking shoes are preferred. If you have someone to pick you up in Caldera and take others back to Boquete that would be fantastic! We will have a few cars to help with passengers. Let me know if you are going, email Jere McCormick - jere chica @ gmail.com (no spaces) See you on the trail.
  12. This week's nature hike is only for intermediate to advanced hikers, although, we will be enjoying nature, taking photos, and spotting birds, the trail this week is scenic, off the beaten path and will be up and down in some area. Meeting at 8:30 A.M. in front of Sugar & Spice, car pooling at 8:35 to the ranger station high up in the highlands of our fair town to the Sendero Los Quetzales. If the range station is open, we will sign in, non-residents pay $5.00 - residents with jubilado card on them will pay $3.00. Exact change please. Join us as, we nature hike part of the beautiful Sendero Los Quetzales for 4 hours more or less. This week's hike is the 4th. in a series to explore Boquete's cloud forest during the final months of the dry season. What to pack - rain gear, cap/hat, bug spray, water, snack, hiking sticks, binocs and camera. Wear hiking boots and long pants. I have hiking sticks to loan out. Just show up not need to RSVP. See you on the trail -
  13. "EZ Wednesday" nature hiking meeting at 8:30 A.M. in front of Sugar & Spice. Carpooling to La Culebra cloud forest trail head for a 3 hour nature hike. Requirements to be in good health and able to hike for 3 hours at slight incline. Pack rain gear water, snack, cap/hat, bincos and camera.Wear hiking shoes and long pants and take your hiking sticks, I have some to loan out. No need to RSVP - just show up. See you on the trail - Jere McCormick
  14. We car pool to Lucero to go on an easy nature walk on a path along the water channel leading to the La Estrella/El Valle Represa (reservoir). We rest at the reservoir for awhile, then continue a bit more up a slope which is a an old seldom used country road that goes all the way to the town of Caldera. We won't walk to Caldera this time, as it is too hot, the stones are loose because it's to dry. At the beginning of the rainy season, I will organize a hike for the more advanced hikers in the group. We can lunch at Melissa's after. This Wednesday, we meet at 8:30 A.M. in the Plaza San Francisco parking lot, then at 8:35, we head for Lucero. Requirements: To be in good health and be able to keep up with the group. Pack water, bug spray, sunblock, hat/cap, a snack, hiking sticks, camera and rain gear. I have hiking sticks to loan out. This walk is a wonderful nature path. We may see Herons, Egrets, Hawks, water fowl, horses roaming the area and more. We do stop many times to take photos or to admire our beautiful surroundings. Here are a few photos from the trail. No need to RSVP just show up. Jere McCormick - your guide
  15. Meeting this Wednesday at 8:30 A.M. parking lot of Plaza San Francisco located in Alto Boquete. Carpooling at 8:35 to La Estrella area to being a 2-3 hour nature walk. This Wednesday will be great for beginners, nature lovers and for those who want to see more than Bajo Boquete. Along the our we, may see the local horses roaming and grazing, Egrets, Jacana, Herons and Hawks. Requirements: Must be in good health. Pack water, cap/hat, bug spray and camera. Wear hiking shoes and bring your hiking sticks, I have some loan. No need to RSVP - just show up.
  16. Boquete "EZ " Nature Hikes meeting in the Plaza San Francisco parking lot at 8:30 A.M.Carpooling at 8:35 to the beautiful highlands of Palmira Abajo for a 2-3 hour hike on a quiet country road. Requirements to be in good health and able to keep up with relatively slow walking nature group. Pack water, a snack, sunblock, bug spray, hat/cap and a camera for photo ops. No need to RSVP - just show up. See you on the trail - Jere McCormick
  17. Join us this Wednesday for another nature adventure. Meeting at 8:30 A.M. in front of Sugar & Spice. At 8:35 we car pool to the Quiel Finca in Bajo Mono to hike on family farm with a trail that loops. The trail is uneven and rocky, on a beautiful hillside so will hike at a slight incline. It is advised to be in good health. Bring $3.00 for the entry fee. Join like-minded people, come out, enjoy nature and take photographs. No need to RSVP - just show up! See you on the trail, Jere McCormick
  18. Join us on "Easy Wednesday" for 3 hours of nature hiking off the beaten path. Over 12 hiking trails to choose from. This hike is for the nature lover and like minded people who enjoy being outdoors or like to take nature photographs. We always stop to smell the roses. Join us as we hike in the beautiful highlands of Boquete and on majestic trails of the rain forests in the Boquete District. Sometimes go on overnight trips. Email Jere McCormick group organizer for more information and meeting location. jere chica @ gmail.com (no spaces). See you on the trail!
  19. Join the best nature hiking group this Wednesday! Meeting in the parking lot of Plaza San Francisco located in Alto Boquete at 8:30 A.M. From there at 8:35 car pooling to the beautiful highlands of Palmira Abajo for a 3 hour walk. Boquete Nature Hikes is a nature walking group. It was formed those of us who love nature and want to see Boquete's natural beauty close up. We always go "Off the Beaten Path" becoming more familiar with Boquete on foot. So if you enjoy nature and also love to take photographs of nature then join us for a enjoyable morning! Requirements: be in good health is advised. Pack rain gear and water, wear hiking shoes, bring your hiking sticks or I have some to loan out, wear sun block as, we will be out in the open. No need to RSVP or email just show up if you want to go. See you on the trail, Jere McCormick - Group Organizer www.boquetenaturehike.com
  20. Hiking Wednesday's and Friday's on different trails in the Boquete District. Email jere chica @gmail.com (no spaces). Photos taken from some of areas we have hiked. Wednesday is just that easy for the person who can walk in Boquete for a half hour without stopping. Our hikes are between 2-3 hours, meeting at 8:30, meeting location are announced. Requirements hiking shoes, hiking sticks and rain gear during the rainy season. See you on the trail, Jere McCormick
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