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Found 23 results

  1. Drop off your clean and sorted recycling at the Fairgrounds, Gate 6. We accept: Plastic, #1, #2, #4, and #5 Paper Tetra Packs Metal / aluminum Glass
  2. until
    Bring your CLEAN recycleables to the fairground, entrance at gate 6. We'll need you to help sort your materials into appropriate containers for recycling.
  3. until
    Bring your CLEAN recycleables to the fairground, entrance at gate 6. We'll need you to help sort your materials into appropriate containers for recycling.
  4. until
    Bring your CLEAN recycleables to the fairground, entrance at gate 6. We'll need you to help sort your materials into appropriate containers for recycling.
  5. APRIL recycling at Boquete Fairground, Gate 6. April 9 Tuesday, 8-12:00 April 21 Sunday, 7-1:00 April 30 Tuesday, 8-12:00 We are a fledgling group dedicated to promoting, educating and actively recycling in Boquete area. We are always in need of more help sorting material in our recycle center. If you are Spanish speaking and would like to be a part of our education program, please contact me at peasolson@msn.com
  6. From the album: RRR Boquete

  7. From the album: RRR Boquete

  8. From the album: RRR Boquete

  9. MacAssist


    From the album: RRR Boquete

  10. MacAssist


    From the album: RRR Boquete

  11. From the album: RRR Boquete

  12. From the album: RRR Boquete

  13. MacAssist


    From the album: RRR Boquete

  14. From the album: RRR Boquete

  15. From the album: RRR Boquete

  16. From the album: RRR Boquete

  17. until
    We ready for you to bring down all your recycled glass (any color bottle or jar), your cardboard and office paper, your cans, aluminum, steel, tin. any type of plastic (please remove and separate your caps and put them in another bag), your milk and juice (wax-type) containers, even scrap metal is accepted. Batteries, too. It would be great if you could stay for an hour or two to volunteer help separated and unload cars as they arrive. At 12 noon we need to begin clean up so you can offer to stay beyond 12. Please leave me a message on our Recycle Blog page or whatsapp 6808-2061 to let me kn
  18. until
    Hello everyone! we have approval for our next Recycle Rally. It will be Sunday May 13th. Same location as before. All items you clean and separate will be accepted on that day. All colored glass bottles and jars, all plastic bottles, preferrably separated by color. Cans including aluminum; Newspaper, office paper, cardboard, ALL batteries!!, wax coated containers like a quart of milk or juice comes in. We again request volunteers. We need strong ones after 1pm to help lift the heavier things in to our truck. see map below to find our location, again near Cefati.
  19. until
    Same location as before in Alto Boquete, just past CEFATI, the visitors center at the top of the hill, on your left (before the Terpel station on the right). From 8 to 2pm, Easter Sunday. Please ONLY bring cleaned out recycled bottles of any color, cans, etc. No trash please. Please separate into separate bags and boxes. We also take tin cans, aluminum (CLEAN, no food on them). batteries, newspaper, office paper, cardboard. Almost anything EXCEPT styrofoam, and clear plastic take out containers.Again, we ask for volunteers to help us sort and clean up after 2pm. Thank You Boquetanos! We will
  20. My name is Howard Green, an expat from the USA, and always an avid recycler and supporter of this program here in my new home, Boquete. Here is an introduction from the committee that is dedicated to making Chiriqui greener: Boquete February 1, 2018. To the Boquete Community: Boquete Recycle, Reduce, Reuse (Boquete RRR), is a committee created by citizens devoted to Boquete´s eco conservancy. We are convinced that a family who recycles makes the difference, and the only way to achieve this goal is by educating and creating awareness among students, business people and the whole com
  21. this is a post about recycling. We want everyone here in Chiriqui to recycle. However, people keep sending me questions like this one: "when will we be able to accept this or that to be recycled" Please be aware that at this time, in David and Boquete, only clear glass is being accepted at the various recycle collection centers. They take things as well as shown in the photo here. Our new group here in Boquete, is busy researching where to take colored glass and much more, and will let you know here, when he have that covered as well. Eventually, we will
  22. Hola from Finca Santa Marta, Please bring your used fiber egg cartons (no plastic) and newspapers to the Tuesday Morning Market and recycle them at the Finca Santa Marta Organic Produce table. We can also use the fiber egg flats. Thanks, Ron Miller
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