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  1. That Honda CRV is mine. The government pickup rear ended me at an enormous speed. Two wonderful gentlemen, each going different directions helped me out of the car and generally looked after me for about 4 hours. Also, Anna from Magda Crespo's Office was there almost immediately and stayed the entire time. I am truly blessed! (and sore).
  2. No water since mid-morning just South of Plaza San Francisco....anybody know anything?
  3. Ask your closing attorney. Chase Bank charged $45. to wire the money to my attorney's bank account to close on our house last December. Chase charged $40. to wire funds for our Honda Ridgeline to the seller last February because we did it ourselves online. Check with your bank in U S to see what their fees are.
  4. Welcome! Begin by opening a Charles Schwab account. They reimburse every ATM fee and can be easily handled totally online. I had never used an ATM before last year when I moved to Boquete....it is that easy! I just linked my U S bank account to Schwab online and I good to go. The last week before you leave Maui, get a simple letter of recommendation from your local bank on their letterhead. I opened my account at Banistmo who has since closed their doors here in Boquete but is available in David because I was told they only require 1 letter of reference while other banks may require 2 or more.
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