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  1. Thanks for the information. I have another question has anybody dealt with expat insurance from Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada? I would like to know of your experience. Good or bad?
  2. I plan on applying for permanent residency in Panama. I have been here since October and am always told that there are a lot of Canadians. Most of the information posted is focused on Americans. I would like to get a Canadian's point of view and any special issues that they have faced when applying for a residence visa.I know the Canadian health insurance will have different requirements. Any advice and suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
  3. I do not want to be a burden on anybody's system that is why I am looking for information. The discussion on healthcare does not respond to my concerns which are health insurance for Canadians who have not become a resident. I do have travel insurance for the duration of my visit so do not plan on taking advantage of anybody or needing a fundraiser to pay for my care.
  4. I have spoken to Magda Crespa and since I have not applied for residency (yet), I am not eligible for Worldwide. The other option was Global which insures on a month by month basis.
  5. I would like to find information regarding health insurance for Canadians. I'm sure someone else must have had this problem - you are not a resident of Panama, over 65 and want long term health insurance. If anyone has information, or can recommend an insurance company, it would be greatly appreciated.
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