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  1. Hi Bud, I think the problem was the length of the stay (15 days). That gave me an "invalid length" error on most sites, whether it was the property's own site or one of the Expedia type intermediaries. Because of that I emailed the property owners directly and got no responses after a few days-- that's when I came here. Eventually I tried Casa Alegria via Expedia and voila- everything worked I suspect that most places are getting booked up already and it boiled down to availability. After all this time locked up the world wants a vacation šŸ˜„ My reasons for choosing Boquete are many and none that you haven't heard, I'm sure. The natural beauty of the area is right there at the top. After that, the more I looked into the area the more boxes it checked... cost of living, access to things that are important to me-- fresh produce (I like to cook), restaurants (I like to eat out too!) coffee (I like to roast and I'm an espresso nerd), big city/medical/airport close enough to be convenient, reasonably priced housing and lots more. Back in 2015 I started going to Cuba and fell in love with that country but living there isn't feasible. It introduced me to Latin America though and from everything I've read the people in Panama are just as friendly as they are in Cuba. Having the expat community in Boquete is a great big bonus
  2. Hi all, My dream is to settle in Boquete and in December I'm visiting for the first time. Making a hotel reservation online is proving to be a challenge and I'd love some suggestions from people that know the area. The stay will be for 3 weeks and a mid-ish range hotel is fine and hopefully within a few km of town so I can walk back and forth to enjoy the scenery and get a feel for the place. I like to walk but I will have a car that I'm renting in the capitol and driving cross country to Boquete. Do you have a place you like to send friends and family that you can recommend? The trouble I'm running into is when making a reservation for the number of days I want the websites give an error message. This has happened for the half dozen or so places I've tried based on review sites like tripadvisor etc. Thanks!
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