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  1. I have recently bought a new car . I am lowering the price to 5000.00 and will consider all reasonable offers. Ann Tim Kane 6766-7905
  2. For sale: 2005 Nissan X-trail Diesel, manual transmission, new tires, new clutch, approximately 149, 500 km., 4 wheel drive. Price: 6000.00 Ann Tim Kane 6766-7905 phone and what's app.
  3. I know there have been discussions about this topic before that is why I know someone has the answer. Since Bob died in June, I have to write a new US will. Since I have a foundation in Panama, my US will does not cover anything I have in Panama. I just got the question from the Panama notary asking what was he notarizing in the will. Thin there is a problem.. I am trying to decide if I can get it notarized in Boquete instead of David. Since the US just wants the signatures notarized that they were signed bu the people in question, there really is not a monetary value of the will
  4. 2008 Cream and white Toyota FJ Cruiser for sale. 102,047 Miles. $11, 500.00 Ann Tim Kane rlkane@earthlink.net 6766-7905
  5. This post was neither discussed with nor approved by the family of Robert Kane. Bob was a very private person and would not have wanted his life displayed in such a way. Mrs. Robert Leven Kane
  6. I need help in finding out if the Inogen Oxygen Concentrator is sold in Panama. I need to purchase one as soon as possible.
  7. I wold like to see a doctor as a follow-up to my stroke. I have tried to contact Dr. Gomez but have gotten no response. Could any one give me a list of doctors, with phone number, that I could call for an emergency follow-up? Thanks in advance. Ann Kane 6766-7905
  8. my phone screen says iPhone is disabled Connect to iTunes. Has anyone else received this message? Have you been able to fix it? I have tried several suggested ways but my computer will not recognize my phone. Ann Tim Kane 6766-7905
  9. My husband and I need someone who can drive us to David every three weeks to do our chopping. Most trips would be to PriceSmart and Rey although other stops might be necessary. We would like to leave in the morning and return to Boquete by 1 pm. Is anyone is offering such a service, please call the number below my name. Thank you for your time and consideration. Ann Tim Kane 6766-7905
  10. We have a large tree at the front of our property that has tree vines. We need some one to cut them. We used a company, Boquete Gardens ,several years ago but, am unable to contact them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ann Tim Kane 6766-7905
  11. Our pantry door is closed and locked. We need to get the door open and then have it repaired. It is our safe room so we need to get in as soon as possible. Could you let us know if you can help us or know of someone who can Thank you!!! Ann Tim Kane 6766-7905
  12. Our TV - Dish Network- has stopped working. Need repair man to help with solutions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Ann Kane 6766-7905
  13. In need of help with my 2009 MacBookPRo laptop. Last night it decided it was 200 and I can not change the date. Thanks in advance for you help. Ann Kane 6766-7905
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