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  1. Paws for the Cause – DogCamp Boquete Poop Scoop CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER. On Friday, April 2nd underwent a MINSA inspection and passed with flying colors!!!!!! They checked the dogs and the area and they didn't find anything wrong! We are the only shelter/rescue/board and care center for BOQUETE As you know, DogCamp’s goal is to help abandoned, neglected and abused dogs reach good health so that they can be placed in temporary foster care, or better yet, find a forever, loving home. Currently there are 46 dogs on site, with an
  2. Due to the morning announcement made by MINSA, the May 23 Venta Sale has been cancelled. Starting Monday, May 10 MINSA will be reinstating restrictions limiting events, business to 25 percent capacity. These restrictions apply to areas where the infection rate exceeds 5 percent. Currently Chirqui has a 13 percent rate so restrictions will go into effect starting THIS Monday. We will keep you informed as we learn more. You can continue making your donations every tuesday at Tapout Tuesday Market at the DogCamp tent or contact us at 68306858 or 69659423 or dogcampboquete@gmail.com
  3. until
    BIG VENTA DE PATIO TO BENEFIT DogCamp Boquete SUNDAY, MAY 23TH Dear friends, finally DogCamp will have the annual Venta de Patio that we couldnt do the last year. This time, we have great stuff!!! Please share the flyer!! SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!
  4. DOGCAMP Boquete has great news: On Friday, April 2nd underwent a MINSA inspection and passed with flying colors!!!!!! They checked the dogs and the area and they didn't find anything wrong! We are the only shelter/rescue/board and care center for Boquete With the help of members like you, Dogcamp can stay strong and can continue to provide the much needed care that these abandoned, sick and rescued dogs need. Currently we have 46 dogs on site, 15 of which are puppies. We also feed 12 dogs, 4 cats and 4 dogs in foster care. This is a huge challen
  5. Dear friends! DogCamp need your help with dog food: Adult dog food Puppy food Wet food Actually we have 45 dogs, plus 12 dogs and 2 cats we are feeding in the area. We spend 1 bag of adult food a day and a half of puppy food a day. So please help!!!!!! For donations DogCamp please use this options: Global Bank, saving account Nº 163320338 PayPal https://paypal.me/kirstenmiaquimby include a note saying DogCamp And you can leave donations and dog food everyday at La Granja Boqueteña or every tuesday at Tapout Tuesday Market.
  6. Beautiful morning, the event held at the Arco Iris Salon at de Flower Fair building’s success was thanks to very hard working VOLUNTEERS, the cooperation of Tap Out that let us use of their parking lot, and BCP’s offer and set up of table and chairs and thanks to the team from The Flowers fair that offered and facilitated the use of their building.A very special THANK YOU to the volunteers. Without the help from JANE HAMPTON who organize this event, JANE VASARHELY., BETH ABRAHAMS, LESLIE MCPEAK, LYNN MCPEAK, EDDIE AND JHON BAXTER, LARRY WHITE, we could not do this event, and of course all the
  7. until
    THIS COMING SUNDAY MARCH 28TH IN BOQUETE!! SMALL VENTA DE PATIO will be SUNDAY, MARCH 28TH AT ARCO IRIS SALON AT THE FAIR FLOWERS AND COFFEE FROM 8:30AM TO 12:00PM People could use the TapOut parking lot We will follow the MINSA protocol. Thank you to support DogCamp Boquete!
  8. PAWS FOR THE CAUSE – DogCamp Boquete Poop Scoop from DogCamp Like any small town, rumors happen often resulting in confusion. We are rolling out this first edition of the Poop Scoop newsletter so that we can update this wonderful community on the current status of DogCamp. WHAT IS DOGCAMP? DogCamp is a charitable organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, socialize and find permanent, loving homes for dogs in and around Boquete, Panama. They are a foster/adoption, no-kill shelter that is free of cages and chains. The founders and operators, Magaly and
  9. Cloth Face Mask Washable by DogCamp Thanks to all our friends who made orders for our DogCamp masks. We have many masks ready for you! If you want to make an orders please send to us an email with the number of masks and the number of model. Dogcampboquete@gmail.com (it will be easy to find your order by email) The masks has: Two layers of microfiber with a cloth (pellon) in the center that works as a filter (different prints and colors) Price: $10 You can wash it and use it many times!!! Thank you to everybody who is helping to raise funds for our animals.
  10. Hi, this is Javier, it is really sad but Oso couldn't make it. He was fighting for his life during the last 4 days. Dr. Tello just called us some moments ago and said that he was not having any improvement and the best will be to put him down. It is a shame that many people saw him at the first gas station in town (before we know he was there)... they drove their cars, walked next to him and nobody did nothing for him, nobody took him at least to the vet and then call us to see if we could take him at the shelter. Some people wrote letting me know he was there in the gas station, aski
  12. Anita!! Yesterday we received a message asking for help for a small dog that was living in the streets of Alanje, La Concepción (2 hours from Boquete), Today the person who rescued her, came to Boquete with the little poor dog. She is the little dog that came today to DogCamp from Alanje La Concepción. The expat who found her told us that she had owners and the owners told him that they thought is normal that this dog is in this conditions. Poor babyWe feed her, of course she ate like crazy, drunk a lot of water and she received a warm bath.Now she is sleeping in a bed inside of a k
  13. First time in Boquete! Dance class!! Salsa! Professional dancer, choreographer, performer and instructor from Portland, Oregon, USA Doug Stilton!! Www.dougsilton.com Fundraising event to get the new place for DogCamp!!! Thank you to our friend Chris Young to help us with this event at Boulder 54 Buy your ticket at Mailboxes, DogCamp Center and at the tent at the Tuesday Market at the BCP from 9am to 12m
  14. Hey animal lovers!!! Would you like to do something different? Do you like the horses? and of course the dogs? And are you interested to help Dog Camp and more dogs but you don´t know how? So you have to come to our new event HORSES AND DOGS DAY AT LULU'S FARM! This event will have a great tipical food "Mono", drinks, desserts, we will have SAIKO CRAFT BEER from Dogocri Brew, you will see beautiful Arabian horses and of course our great dogs for adoption. We will have a great raffle!! Come and have a great day and meet great people!!! Lulu Borrell Farm is located in La
  15. until
    BAR and BRUNCH ADOPTION! SATURDAY, APRIL 6TH, 2019 At Amigos de Animales Events Center Get your tickets at DOGCAMP, Tuesday Market at BCP or Mail Boxes Etc Panamá You may lost your heart and take home a real live Doggie Bag or our Cat Lover Special!
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