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  1. The doctor and the daughter have been contacted regarding this. Thank you for your concern.
  2. Moderator comment: Two prior postings in this thread were removed at the request of the originator of those two postings. Because this current posting quotes the removed content, this reply by default has been modified, and not at the request of the originator of this posting. For starters, how about this story: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/12/04/health/coronavirus-vaccine-acip-nursing-homes-question/index.html featuring this adorable quote from one of CNN's sources: In other words, if you happen to remove you mask, the Karens will screech that you're "killing grandma
  3. RIP Eduardo Arias (2007 Whistleblower) Eduardo Arias passed away on August 1st, 2020. While his name probably means nothing to you, he is proof that one man can make a difference. A Kuna native from the San Blas islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama, Arias bought a tube of toothpaste from the Vendela Discount Store in Panama City on May 5, 2007. He decided the toothpaste didn't taste right and reported it to authorities. After testing, it was determined the toothpaste contained toxic levels of diethylene glycol (DEG) that had recently caused deaths as an ingredient in cough syrup.
  4. For those seeking MINSA numbers, here's the URL: MINSA site Note the map of Panama with plentiful orange dots that looks like the measles. Click and drag the map so Chiriqui is in the center then click "+" to enlarge. Locate the dot closest to your town of interest and click it. A pop-up box will give you the data for that town. If it doesn't, it will tell you this represents multiple towns. Click the link inside the box that says "Browse Features" and it will show you the data for the individual towns. It will break down cases among Recuperado (recovered), Fallecido (fata
  5. Alto Boquete now has eight new cases, Bajo Boquete has three active cases, plus a fatality. Los Naranjos has five active cases, one requiring hospitalization. Active cases in David are now 369. Puerto Armuelles is up to 90. The MINSA website added over 1000 cases on Sunday and the number of active cases nationwide is approaching 20,000. I would show the screen grabs but I don't have the time today.
  6. Official numbers of interest from the MINSA website as of Sunday evening, July 5th, at 6 p.m.: Bajo Boquete has added two new cases since my last post and Los Naranjos has added one. Alto Boquete is unchanged. Volcan appears to have added some new cases while David is now past 300 active cases and heading toward 350. Our friends in Puerto Armuelles seem to be in another growing hotspot with 76 active cases.
  7. We in the Boquete area have been very fortunate during the COVID crisis but a wave of new cases appears to have begun. Per the MINSA site as/of Midnight, Friday July 3rd: Bajo Boquete has one new case. Los Naranjos has added two more to make a total of three. Alto Boquete has added a new case. Planning on traveling to David? Take precaution as they have almost 300 active cases.
  8. Not really. However, I access the info by going to the same map of Panama at the MINSA site with the orange dots (like a country with the measles) and then clicking on the individual dots. This gives me the detail you want. If you go by the page that lists all the infected towns/cities, you get the raw number which includes recuperados which we should no longer be counting.
  9. The MINSA site has, for about a week, listed an active case in Los Naranjos that is a domicile quarantine. That is just northwest of Bajo Boquete.
  10. I noticed a few days ago that roughly 4000 cases in Panama were reclassified from "activo" to "recuperado". However, the Chiriqui numbers reflected no major change. This morning, the number of active cases in Chiriqui dropped from the 70s to the 30s and there are NO active cases in the Chiriqui mountains - 0 in Bajo Boquete, 0 in Alto Boquete. While God certainly performs miracles, I am inclined to ascribe this to bureaucrats catching up to the numbers. I would not be surprised if an arbitrary date was drawn by which all non-fatal cases before that date were reclassified as "recovered". Howeve
  11. I hadn't even thought about that. If you don't have your own washing machine, have you been forced to wear dirty clothes since the quarantining began? That wouldn't be healthy.
  12. Yes, I'm talking about the official MINSA map. I monitor Chiriqui daily. For the longest time, Alto Boquete had two cases, one home quarantined and one hospitalized. That went on for over two weeks. A few days ago, the numbers changed to four cases (three home quarantined and one recovered). Last night, I looked and there were now 13 home quarantined and one recovered. http://minsa.gob.pa/coronavirus-covid19 I'm just asking if any knows further details. Thanks for asking and for providing info. I can't do a screen grab but this what it says in the pop-up window when you click th
  13. The official count of cases in Alto Boquete jumped from 4 to 14 yesterday (one recovered). Does anyone have any details (who/when/where/how)? For those of us living up here, it might be good to know what to avoid if there is a source location. Thanks.
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