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  1. Law No.99 of 11th October 2019 provides exemptions of penalties, interest or fines generated for non-payment of annual franchise tax to the government. Natural or juridical persons (companies/foundations) have until 28th February 2020 to settle taxes without paying said penalties, interest or fines. Take advantage of this and bring your companies into goodstanding with the Panamanian government. I can assist you to apply for said exemptions at DGI. Contact me at julisajaramillo.abogada@gmail.com or by text mesage to whatsapp (+507) 6738-6253.
  2. Need legal services? I offer efficiency, quality, honesty and have experience in: Creation of Panamanian companies/Private Interest Foundation and foundations or nonprofit associations. Creation and post incorporation work of companies incorporated in Samoa, Bahamas, BVI, B. Anguilla, Nevis, USA among others. Purchase/sale of property and property titling or right of possession issues in our country. Immigration law (cases of obtainment of friendly nations visas, retirement visas, work permits, etc). Post-mortem arrangements through local funeral home for foreigne
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