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  1. until
  2. Grab small bites. Same ingredients. I'll let you know if I hear that the large bags are available.
  3. That's what I'm trying to figure out. We were first told it was an issue with shipping. Now we keep hearing "they are coming". Well, they're not. This is why I'm trying to find a contact in the US to find out exactly what is going on.
  4. Can you share how you contacted this person? I have been waiting for dog biscuits for weeks and have received conflicting reports here in Panama regarding their availability. fordogs@howlingsuccess.com Kirkland dog food is highly rated on DogFoodAdvisor. I'm going to be curiously guarded when considering Member's Select. I've noticed many products switching over and I've been waiting for the dog food.
  5. We are striving to become more involved with the local community. Like we said in our announcement this will help us better connect with the Panamanian community and present ourselves with a name that is both recognizable and identifiable. We are attempting to operate more efficiently and hopefully be more visible. Of course the animals are now and will always be our highest priority.
  6. Because I put the incorrect month on the poster. Of course the date is December not November. Unfortunately Boquete News does not allow a correction so I'm posting the correction here.
  7. The woman who has been helping me with cleaning for six years has days available. She is a very hard worker, prompt and honest. For more information contact 6879.5455
  8. I haven't read the article but I have heard that vitamin C can work for snake bites. I also heard that if people aren't comfortable with injectable (which is preferred) that's it's possible to give crushed by mouth. This is a very old remedy but anything is better than doing nothing. When I was in Bocas we used to treat snake bites with fluids and steroids followed by antibiotics. I had never heard of the vitamin C treatment
  9. One more thing I'd like to ask as far as snake bites is has anyone checked lately to see if any of the vets carries anti venom? There used to be far less testing capabilities than these last couple of years. Of course the problem remains that if your dogs is bitten "after hours" there still isn't much you can do.
  10. An reliable emergency vet is something that is greatly needed here. I had the idea when I first moved here of speaking to the local vets and having them take turns running night time emergencies. I told a couple of them that they could make a great deal of money doing this. The problem was I couldn't find any of even two that would be willing to work together. I don't know if that would be a different story now. This was several years ago. I have lost dogs and puppies from lack of emergency services. I feel anyone's pain who has lost a dog or cat. It's a scary feeling to know that once t
  11. Like I said for people that aren't used to natural ears once they are around this type for a while it is very appealing. Eventually the laws will change. Thanks Dottie
  12. I have been around spaying and cropping ears for over thirty years. I know more than a little about both. I don't condone cropping ears. Wish I didn't have to do it. However like I said you cannot show dogs here without. But I can tell you from experience that cropping a dogs ears is less invasive than spaying. You can argue this with me all day but the fact is I have lived with many many dogs through both and this is the truth. True that if you have a bad veterinarian you can have disasters with both. By you making this statement knowing I crop my dogs ears I
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