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  1. An update for BCP Tuesday Market for October 20th. See a complete list of vendors at www.boquetemarket.org
  2. At last we have a date for re-opening the BCP Tuesday Market. Tuesday September 29th
  3. until

    Initially, health requirements will mean a limit to the number of vendors and visitors allowed at one time. For information: info@eventsboquete.org
  4. until
    In the Arco Iris Salon at the Feria grounds, just across the downtown bridge on the left. Great variety of goods and services. Food, fresh produce, jewelry, handicrafts, coffee, charities, tourism. Everything you want in a market under one roof.
  5. Retail stores are opening on 28th September, and we are hopeful that The BCP Tuesday Market will also be allowed to open on that date. We are ready in our new location in the Arco Iris Salon at the Feria grounds, and we are working closely with MINSA to get approval. We will be strictly following the requirements laid down by MINSA and other government authorities which are designed to ensure the safest environment possible for everyone. Within the market, all vendor tables will have a minimum of 2 meters between them, with aisles of at least 3 meters. There will be a one-
  6. BCP is preparing to re-open our Tuesday Market in its new location in the Arco iris Salon at the Feria grounds. This is a great location where all vendors will be under one roof, and we have a wonderful selection of vendors, including some who are new to the Tuesday Market. We will be enforcing whatever health measures are required at the time of opening, including social distancing.
  7. until

    BCP Tuesday Market will resume, with appropriate social distancing, as soon as we are allowed to do so.
  8. Latest Information This picture is of the Arco Iris room, just across the bridge on the corner of the Feria grounds. As you can see it has good lighting, plenty of space and a clean, evenly tiled floor. Since this picture was taken, ceiling fans have been installed and provide wonderful air circulation. We are working with the MINSA regulations for reopening and can tell you that even with the social distancing requirements, there is room for all our previous vendors plus some from our waiting list. If you know of other vendors we have not been able to accommodate in the past, p
  9. We are at last able to give you our good news about the future of BCP’s Tuesday Market! Over the years, BCP’s Tuesday Market has evolved from its humble beginnings at the Fundadores Hotel to its recent location at what is now TapOut. We are now able to move into a better location than ever before. As soon as the health precautions allow, we will be opening in the Arco Iris Room at the Feria grounds. As before, this is just over the bridge, but now on the left - the room is right on the corner. This room is so large that even obeying social distancing with 2 meters between tab
  10. We are pleased to announce that the theater space at the TapOut building will continue to be used for Boquete's theater and other productions. BCP and TapOut have been in negotiations to allow this to happen. Despite BCP's initial offer to rent the theater space from Tapout for BCP productions, TapOut management has generously agreed to allow BCP productions to continue in the theater at no cost so that community theater may continue. Other productions and events may also be held in the Boquete Community Theater now that BCP can leave their equipment in place. Of course, there is no indi
  11. Greetings! We hope you are staying safe and finding fun ways to spend your time in quarantine. This a difficult period worldwide, but we hope you and your loved ones are maintaining safe social distances and are healthy, even if a bit bored! Here at BCP, we are also maintaining our social distance, which makes it a bit challenging to finalize plans to relocate effective July 1. We continue to scope out possibilities, discuss options with several possible locations and are busy making plans to move BCP's equipment and belongings to a new location or to storage, as appropriate, once we s
  12. New and exciting changes are on the horizon for BCP! Boquete Community Players Foundation was formed 15 years ago. In the years following, an enthusiastic group of volunteers, through hard work and generous donations, turned an empty shell of a dilapidated building into a thriving community center that now serves as the heart of the Boquete community. The goal of the BCP is to serve its community, and over the past 15 years, it has consistently met that goal in many ways. It provides mail services and serves as an information center where charities, groups, and individuals can reach
  13. 10:30 in the BCP Theater Immediately on your right across the Feria Bridge Tuesday, March 3 – Dietary Myths That Just Won’t Die but may Kill You – Dr. Ted Harrison. Does fat make you fat? Are carbs good or bad? Is red meat unhealthy? Will salt give you high blood pressure? Is there any diet that actually works? Should I be taking vitamins? Dr. Harrison will discuss a dozen or so dietary controversies and examine both the evidence and the “fake news”. Dr. Harrison is board-certified in regenerative medicine and emergency medicine. His practice, Rejuvacare PC, is
  14. 10:30 in the BCP Theater Immediately on your right across the Feria Bridge Tuesday, February 11 – Boquete Health and Hospice – The BHH Healthy Living Series presents Falls Prevention Awareness Falls are the number one reason people end up in the emergency room. The facts about falls are alarming - and probably surprising: · One in three adults over the age of 64 falls each year. · Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries in Florida residents over the age of 64. · Every hour there are 2 deaths and 251 emergency
  15. BCP TUESDAY TALK FOR FEBRUARY 4, 2020 10:30 in the BCP Theater Immediately on your right across the Feria Bridge Dr. Bill McGraw will speak about GMOs. What is a GMO anyway? Find out as Dr. Bill gives a detailed and informative description which will set the record straight as he presents just the facts. We are on the verge of a great turning point in the history of genetic modification as for the first time in the United States and elsewhere, we will be consuming a GMO animal grown for food production...Salmon. Did you know that it happened
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