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  1. Five calls to Wells Fargo and nothing but platitudes, as someone previously said. I've learned that Wells Fargo actually has a website called "downdetector" to advise customers of outages 😱 and there was a large one on 5/22/19. Site claims the 5/22/19 matter was resolved. WF call center reps are clueless, about even the ones in the USA. I've submitted 4 reports through the call center. Agree that it's time to change banks.
  2. It's the end of May and I have just begun to experience the same problem. For two days now I haven't been able to make a cash withdrawal. Wells Fargo insists the problem isn't on their end. Has anyone found a solution to the problem yet?
  3. Native English speaker with advanced level competency plus university degree in Spanish. Private Spanish tutoring in my home for expats who have the basics but need ongoing practice and grammar help. Email panamaprattle@gmail.com for further info.
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