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  1. Wow. Scotio held the check for 3 weeks and charged around $25 for an $8000 check on our US bank. So Multibank wins that one, hands down!
  2. Yes, I can see their point, but on the one hand the government welcomed us and our money with incentives, and on the other hand they make certain things nearly impossible. FATCA and the Panama Papers did nothing to help. Earlier this year I was left a small legacy in England, over 10,000, and I had it transferred into Scotia. They wanted to know what it was for, where it came from, who it came from, and all the details of the transfer. I just sent them a copy of everything. Meanwhile millions of dollars are changing hands at a 'higher level'. It's just annoying.
  3. When I went into Scotia Bank in January, to deposit a check written on my Chase account in the States, I was told that this was the last time I could do it. They are not accepting any more foreign checks.
  4. Fully furnished, turnkey home for $579,000. This is a beautifully maintained and quality built home and is 4100 sq. ft. (380 sq. mt), sitting on a 1600 sq. mt (0.4 acre) corner lot. 3 bedrooms/3 bathrooms plus large office which could easily become a 4th bedroom. The 3rd bedroom/bathroom are completely separate and would be ideal for a live-in maid. Many special features, including a high quality water purifying system, with 600 gallon reserve water tank. Come and listen to the birds, only a short 5 minute drive from downtown Boquete. For many more pictures and details
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