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  1. I went to the Perdonaría with an interpreter and filed a denuncia about her. I am sure all my spelling is off. It took 4 hours and they have the video from quick fix showing her moving the credit card around to take photos of all the numbers. They also have her past jobs and where she lives. The court date will be in a couple of months. I don't want her to go to jail, just maybe a tattoo on her forehead saying ladrón.
  2. Ok all, I went to the Personeria, across from Fenosa, and had a translator help me file a formal complaint. I told them I don't want to send this young women to jail, but want all of Boquete to know not to hire her if she is going to use credit cards. Had to change all my credit card numbers with Cable Onda, my phone and other things I pay monthly with that card, but all is well now. I am still mad that this is happening in lovely Boquete. Can't wait to have the roads fixed and we have water and electric every day. Won't that be nice! Maybe other folks can look at their bank statements and se
  3. The manager of the store has been more then helpful. His lawyer will call tomorrow since he was been in court all day. I really like quick fix, and remember we are in a country without background checks..The manager is doing everything he can and is very kind, please don't blame them. He had no idea this was happening.
  4. I am the person who got her credit card hacked. I went to the police and my lawyer, no one could help. So I went to my Panamanian neighbor. He talked to the manager at Quick Fix and found out that Monday when all this was happening, the girl ran out of the business and has not been seen. Her phone number is turned off. The boss told me he will do everything he can to resolve this, and because I know that Quick Fix is a good and honest business, I believe him. I have been using them for years and really like how well they have kept my car running. Please don't blame Quick Fix for this young wom
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