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    DogCamp's first ever HUGE Venta de Patio will be held Sunday, September 15th, 9 AM at El Cacho Gimnasio. The purpose of this fundraiser is to pay for the many expenses of rescuing abused and abandoned animals in 2019 AND for the purchase of our own facility. Please bring your gently used items for this Venta to DogCamp's Tent at the BCP Tuesday Market OR contact us for pick up. We are grateful for your generous donations and volunteer service ! Without your support, we could not continue rescuing and enhancing the lives of our canine community !
  2. Javier & Magaly's Dog Camp is great !! Our dog, Max is treated to Doggie Daycare every time we go to David. All we have to do is mention Javier ' s name and he's running toward the door, excited to go ! He comes home well cared for and exhausted after wrestling and chasing his friends. We love that he's learned to play gently with smaller dogs & puppies, and can now eat his dinner with the pack ! We never worry while he's with J & M and Max has a blast ! Such an INCREDIBLE deal at just $15 for the day ? We're signing up for Javier ' s dog training services, next ! Thanks to bo
  3. I find recommendations for Opthamalogists, but I don't see any for Optometrists. Can anyone give me a recommendation for where to go/who to see to get a new prescription and glasses ? Thanks ! Debe Emerson
  4. I was told the Spanish in 3 Days class will be offered in Boquete early February. I've received several recommendations for this class. I recently received an e-mail advertising a January Crash Course in Spanish taught by Renny. Renny's class is significantly less expensive, but I do not know anyone who has taken her class. Can anyone provide some feedback regarding personal experience with either of these beginner Spanish classes ? We're looking to get the most bang for the buck and an effective jump start in Spanish. Thanks ! Debe Emerson
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