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    Homicide rates soar as police chiefs scatter resources


    Posted 22/09/2020

    With over three months to go before year-end, Panama’s homicides have already surpassed the total for 2019.

    In 2018, Panama had 300 homicides. In 2019, the number Last year the was 285. In the period from January 1 to August 31, 2020, 345 homicides have been reported., 21% more than the previous year, and

    As these figures emerged during the months of the greatest restriction of mobility and social activity that the country has known in more than 30 years, the paradigm of citizen security is in serious trouble according to a  La Prensa analysis.

    Currently, the National Police has 18 628 uniformed personnel, including cadets, according to payroll records.

    The records also show that the institution has 130 commissioners and 145 deputy commissioners.

    When Jorge Miranda took over as Director  In July 2019, he assigned 82 officers to escort him and other senior officials of the institution, as well as the Ministry of Public Security.

    If it is assumed as reasonable that the commissioners and deputy commissioners of the National Police have a minimum escort of one agent per shift for their work, and one entity vehicle for their transportation, this represents 275 vehicles and about 1,100 escort agents, not including possible family custody’

    Added are officials of the Ministry of Security and the Public Ministry who also receive protection reports La Prensa.

     In March of this year, Miranda reported that 78% of the vehicle fleet had more than 6 years of service and, 54% was out of service due to lack of maintenance.

    This  was the justification for requesting the direct hiring of the lease of 219 vehicles including  20 Toyota Prado trucks and another 20 Toyota Fortuner

    Presumably, an important part of the fleet is assigned to the escort service of the officials.

    If 54% of the entity's fleet is out of service, then only the remaining 46% had to attend to all the needs of mobilization, escort, citizen security, and surveillance.

    This pressure on resources has an obvious impact on the rapid response capacity and coverage of the Police says La Pensa,

    Another aspect that greatly limits the availability of police resources and constantly exposes them to sources of corruption is the police custody service of the Penitentiary System.

    It is difficult to obtain updated figures but in 2007, according to the then Chief of Police, Rolando Mirones, the institution had 2,000 agents assigned to prisons, for a population 11,345 inmates. In August 2020 there are 17,726 inmates, and the number of uniformed personnel assigned to these tasks has increased proportionally.

    The Plan"
    In his Government Plan,  President,  Cortizo, proposed a security strategy, which in point 4 stated the: “Recovery of High Complexity Neighborhoods through the Law and Order Plan, to defeat drug trafficking and violence, through prevention and repression ”.

    Six months after the strenuous physical, emotional, and family effort of the Police officers to ensure compliance with health measures, now it is their turn to take action to confront organized crime and growing


  2. Quote

    Más de 500 megavatios en plantas de generación solar

    La mayoría de las plantas fotovoltaicas que están en operación son de 10 MW y suman cerca de 200 MW instalados en distintos puntos del país.
    Wilfredo Jordán S.
    22 sep 2020 - 12:00 AM


    Moderator comment: Below is an unedited automated translation of the above news article.


    More than 500 megawatts in solar generation plants

    Most of the photovoltaic plants that are in operation are 10 MW and total about 200 MW installed in different parts of the country.
    Wilfredo Jordán S.
    Sep 22 2020 - 12:00 AM

    Photovoltaic plant in operation located in Paris, Parita, Herrera province, which supplies energy to the country's electricity grid, particularly during the dry season months. Alex Arosemena

    Photovoltaic generation or technology that uses solar energy to produce electricity concentrates some 50 projects totaling more than 500 megawatts (MW) with licenses in operation and pending in the country.

    Among the projects, mostly 10 MW plants, which are in operation, add up to about 200 MW. The remaining projects, with about 300 MW, correspond to works in the design or construction of photovoltaic plants that will come into operation in the coming years. These plants are installed in different parts of the country, according to the licenses granted by the National Authority of Public Services (ASEP).

    Photovoltaic generation is the fourth source of energy use in the country after water, fossil fuels and wind, but it has gained ground in the last five years.

    This competitiveness of the solar sector has been achieved thanks to the significant cost reduction of solar energy generation. "Currently solar energy is the energy with the highest sustained growth globally. Although its growth depends in general on the policies and incentives of each country or region, hence the importance of setting goals, ”said Ninik Singh, an engineer specializing in renewable energy.

    When they reach 500 MW in operation, they will represent a third of the country's current energy demand, which varies between 1,400 and 1,500 MW per day. The maximum demand was reached on March 10 with 1,969 MW, but after the closure of state offices and businesses due to the pandemic, this energy demand was reduced by 20% or approximately 500 MW.

    The use of solar radiation to generate electricity took off in Panama as of 2015 with the inauguration of the 2.4 MW solar plant in the Sarigua National Park, in Puerto Limón, Parita district, with an investment of $ 9 million.

    This plant has 11,886 photovoltaic panels and is operated by the state-owned Empresa de Generación Eléctrica, S.A. (Egesa). 


    "The growth in solar investments in Panama has significant levels ... This has largely been outside the bidding scheme, much has been to participate in the market of large clients."

    Nanik Singh, engineer specialized in renewable energy.

    As of that year, the boom in photovoltaic investment began until it represented more than 5% of the installed capacity of the energy matrix with 194.6 MW, until the first half of 2020, according to the records of the ASEP.

    Among the photovoltaic plants in commercial operation are Divisa Solar, in El Roble de Aguadulce with 9.9 MW; Los Angeles, in Los Santos with 9.5 MW; Paris, in Parita, Herrera with 8.5 MW; Pocrí, in Aguadulce with 16 MW; El Espinal, in Guararé with 8.5 MW; among other.

    During the dry season, when there is a greater use of solar radiation, photovoltaic plants provide up to 10% of the country's electricity demand.

    However, many of these plants have had to find mechanisms to sell the energy they produce to the “large customers” of the market because for years there have been no bids for the purchase of energy. This has happened because with the natural gas projects being built in Colón, the future supply was overcontracted.

    In the solar field, among the projects being developed is Green Power Panama, which operates the Fortuna hydroelectric plant. This group announced that construction began on the Jagüito solar plant, a project with 13.12 megawatts of capacity, located in the town of El Roble, Coclé province.

    The company indicated that this project, which it expects to conclude in 2021, is part of its investment plan between 2020 and 2021, for about $ 50 million.

    AES Panama, which operates the Changuinola, Estí and Bayano hydroelectric plants, also announced the construction of four photovoltaic plants of 9.9 MW each. Mayorca Solar, in Pocrí, Los Santos; Pesé Solar, in Las Cabras, Herrera; Solar Mahogany and Cedar, in Boquerón, Chiriquí. This is an investment of approximately $ 50 million.


    Right now, residential and commercial customers who have taken the initiative to install solar panels on the roofs of their properties total more than 35 megawatts or approximately 1% of the country's installed generation capacity.

    Until last March there were more than 800 clients with self-consumption, of which 479 were in the concession area of the distributor Edemet; 244 clients at ENSA and 96 clients at Edechi, according to ASEP statistics.

    This is a segment that has been growing despite the fact that a few years ago they began to discuss the possibility of charging these customers for the use of the network or what in other countries was known as the “sun tax”.

    The legislation defines the auto generator as the natural or legal person that produces and consumes electrical energy in the same property, to meet its own needs and that does not use, commercialize or transport its energy with third parties or associates, but that can sell surpluses to others market agents.

    The procedure, promoted by the ASEP to allow the self-consumption of electric energy with new, renewable and clean sources, aroused the interest of many clients in the interior of the country, who have proceeded with the installation of photovoltaic plants.

    The decrease in the prices of photovoltaic generation equipment, among them solar panels, is one of the factors that contributes to developing this technology, but also, it gains more ground due to the environmental goodness of being a clean energy that does not affect the planet .


  3. Quote

    Hombre que colisionó a ciclistas es acusado de homicidio culposo agravado y queda detenido

    En la audiencia virtual se legalizó la aprehensión y se fijo como medida cautelar la detención provisional del hombre de 27 años.
    Vielka Corro Ríos
    21 sep 2020 - 07:15 PM


    Moderator comment: Below is an unedited automated translation of the above news article.


    Man who collided with cyclists is charged with aggravated manslaughter and is arrested

    In the virtual hearing, the arrest was legalized and the provisional detention of the 27-year-old man was set as a precautionary measure.

    Vielka Corro Ríos
    21 Sep 2020 - 07:15 PM

    SPA offices in the province of Los Santos. Vielka I run

    The judge of guarantees of the province of Los Santos, Brígido Alonso, declared the indictment of charges against a 27-year-old man for the alleged crime against life and personal integrity, in the form of aggravated manslaughter.

    The public prosecutor Liberia Cedeño, from the Los Santos Homicide and Femicide Section, and defense attorney Victoria Norato participated in this hearing to control guarantees, held virtually, from the facilities of the Las Tablas Accusatory Penal System.

    The young man is identified as the driver of the Hyundai vehicle seddan, which on September 20 collided with the cyclists Juan Carlos Heilbron and Javier Espinosa, who died at the scene.

    After the collision, the driver of the vehicle that was escorting the cyclists reported that whoever was driving the sedan lost control of it and crashed into the cyclists.

    This event coincided with the fifth anniversary of the death of the Panamanian cyclist and triathlete Mónica Isabel Licona de Zepeda, who died in 2015 after being hit by a car on Balboa Avenue, in Panama City.

    LAS TABLAS, Los Santos. A Guarantees judge ordered, this Monday, September 21, the provisional arrest of the driver responsible for the death of two cyclists, whom he collided the day before, on the highway via Tonosí, at the height of El Carate de Las Tablas.


  4. Quote

    Toxic transaction probes label vPanama  “high risk jurisdiction”


    Posted 21/09/2020

    Billions of dollars of toxic transactions passed through several of the world's leading banks for individuals and companies targeted for massive looting of public funds, ignoring measures to combat money laundering with impunity says the US Treasury.

    More than 2,100 reports of suspicious activities of banks and financial are revealed by  the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen) which labels Panama a “high-risk jurisdiction”

    The agency analyzes financial transaction information to fight crimes, such as fraud, money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

    The documents, prepared by financial entities in the United States that provide the intermediation service for financial institutions around the world in the event of potentially suspicious activities, were analyzed for 16 months by about 400 journalists from about 110 media outlets in 88 countries, the product of a leak. obtained by BuzzFeed News, and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), based in the United States.

    The international journalistic investigation - known as FinCen Files - shows, exclusively, the opacity with which some international banking systems are handled, the existence of anonymous clients and elements of conviction of alleged financial crimes, and that, despite the fines imposed, many banks play a fundamental role in the movement of money resulting from political corruption and organized crime.

    Because of  anonymous banking clients, several FinCen reports on suspicious activities (SAR,) describe Panama as a "high-risk jurisdiction for money laundering and financial crimes." In the reports, there are red alerts for suspicious banking transactions in the local bank. They also warn that it is common in Panamanian entities that the final beneficiaries of the money are unknown.

    For example, the Bank of New York (BNY) reveals in a report to FinCen 986 suspicious transactions: “Many of the transfers were sent from, through or to jurisdictions that have been determined as having a high risk of money laundering. and other financial crimes, such as Panama, Latvia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Marshall Islands, British Virgin Islands (BVI) and  Russia”, a description that is repeated in other SARs that also highlight, for example, the existence of companies created by the defunct firm Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.

    In the leaked documents, in addition to describing the Panamanian jurisdiction as “risky”, mentions are made of companies linked to the Waked family, which have been the subject of local and foreign publications in the recent past.

    In addition, suspicious reports were found from a transnational with operations in Panama. reports La Prensa  which is still probing.



  5. Quote

    Former Panama Papers client jailed in US


    The former offices of Mpssack Fpnseca

    Posted 21/09/2020

    Harald Joachim Von der Goltz, 83, a former client of the defunct  Panama law firms Mossack Fonseca at the center of the Panama Papers scandal was sentenced Monday, September 21, to four years in prison for evading more than $ 3 million in taxes.

    The case was one of those revealed after the investigation by members of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

    Before a US federal court on February 18, Von der Goltz pleaded guilty to having participated in conspiracies to evade taxes and launder money.

    He also accepted that he did not properly inform the US authorities of his finances and made false statements to the authorities.

    According to a Daily News report, Von der Goltz used a complex network of shell companies, bank accounts, and a false base to hide his investments from US authorities with the help Mossack Fonseca.

    "No matter how complicated the plan is, the US government will bring to justice those who attempt to evade their tax obligations under the law," Acting Manhattan US Attorney Audrey Strauss told the Daily News

    Although Von der Goltz was born in Germany and lived in Guatemala, his status as a resident of the United States required him to pay taxes and meet all the financial requirements of that northern nation.

    This is the first case linked to the 2016 ICIJ investigation that results in a conviction in the United States and the name of the defunct law firm Mossack Fonseca appears repeatedly in the more than 60 pages of the indictment, as well as the name of lawyer Ramsés Owens, who worked in that firm.

    But Von Der Goltz did not mention them by name during his guilty plea. He limited himself to saying that, with the goal of avoiding taxes in the United States, "I committed these acts alone and with the assistance of my lawyers."



  6. Quote

    Water mains burst hits many city sectors


    Posted 21/09/2020

    Large parts of Perejil, Bella Vista, and surrounding sectors were without water on  Monday, September 21  following the fracture of a drinking water main on Calle  Manuel A. Guisado and  Avenida Nacional.

    The National Aqueducts and Sewers Institute (Idaan) reported that, , the route was closed to repair the fault expected to take at least eight hours as there are traffic light cables in the area.

     Idaan metropolitan manager Susana Peña, explained that the incidence could have been caused by the high water pressures that are registered in the early morning hours.



  7. Quote

    Life returning to Tocumen International


    Posted 21/09/2020

    Life is slowly returning to Tocumen International Airport with the operation of the “mini-hub of connections boosting traffic in August by 46% compared to June, although in the first eight months the year-on-year data reveals a 68% reduction.

    Although traffic is 68% below the year-on-year comparison of the first 8 months, the August figure is 46% above the data obtained in June when Tocumen only operated humanitarian and repatriation flights.

    In August, Tocumen handled 13,091 passengers. The previous month there were  8 988.

    . The controlled operations center began operating on August 14 to nine destinations. Today Copa Airlines is connecting to more than 14 cities and in October will add 12 new frequencies.

    The greatest movement in flights to and from Panama is on the New York and Miami routes."

    Pedro Heilbron, CEO of  Copa Airlines, said that they are registering an average occupancy of 60% and to date, they are not aware of any case of contagion of the coronavirus on board the aircraft, including the operation of the humanitarian flights.

    Until August, Tocumen had handled 3.5 million passengers and it is estimated that by the end of the year it could reach 10 million.



  8. Moderator comment: Below is an email received from the US Embassy in Panama City regarding humanitarian flights.

    ------ Original Message ------
    Sent: 9/21/2020 9:45:05 AM
    Subject: Message for U.S. Citizens: U.S. Embassy Panama City, Panama (September 21, 2020)

    Seal with blue background


    Message for U.S. Citizens:  U.S. Embassy Panama City, Panama (September 21,  2020)   


    Location: Panama   


    Event: Planned Commercial Humanitarian Flights   


    The Embassy has identified one upcoming humanitarian flight with seats available.  Any traveler with the appropriate passport/visa to permit entry into the United States is eligible to purchase a ticket.  Travelers should carefully plan their onward travel as hotel options may be limited.  Once in the United States, all domestic travel arrangements are the sole responsibility of the traveler.   


    The upcoming humanitarian flights are:  


    • September 25 United Airlines flight UA2417 to Houston, TX, departing Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport at 10:25 a.m.  


    Copa Airlines also confirmed that they will offer seats on multiple flights that transit through Panama as part of Panama’s new “Humanitarian Hub”.  Please check directly with Copa for these flight itineraries and availability.   


    For additional information about these flights and to make reservations, visit the respective websites of the airlines, Copa or United. Flights that appear to be sold out may have openings due to cancellations. Continue checking directly with the airlines for any openings.  


    The Embassy shares information on all confirmed humanitarian flights, but flight reservations and operations are controlled by the airlines themselves.  The Embassy is not involved in flight scheduling.  Due to the frequently-changing travel environment as a result of COVID-19, planned flights may be changed or cancelled.  In such cases, passengers should follow-up directly with the airline to rebook.  


    The Embassy encourages U.S. citizens who need assistance getting to their scheduled flight to email the Embassy at PanamaCityUSCitizen@state.gov.  If you need a salvoconducto, send us your flight confirmation and explain why you will need the salvoconducto.  You may also email this address if you are unable to make the currently scheduled flights but would like to be informed about the next humanitarian flight.  Please be aware that future flights are not guaranteed, and those who choose not to depart on these flights should prepare to remain in Panama indefinitely.    


    Consult the Embassy’s website (https://pa.usembassy.gov/) for additional information on the situation in Panama and the Department of State’s COVID-19 crisis page on travel.state.gov for the latest information.   




    U.S. Embassy Panama City, Panama    

    Building 783, Demetrio Basilio Lakas Avenue    

    Clayton, Panama    

    +507 317-5000    


    State Department – Consular Affairs    

    +1 (888)407-4747 or +1 (202)501-4444     


    Enroll in Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security updates.     

    Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


  9. Quote

    Cédulas vencidas en medio de covid-19 tendrán validez hasta enero de 2021

    Los interesados pueden consultar el estatus de su proceso a través de sitio web

    Por Mileika Lasso

    La vigencia la extienden a enero de 2021 y quienes tienen la cédula en tramite pueden consultar virtualmente.Archivo | La Estrella de Panamá

    El Tribunal Electoral (TE) reiteró este domingo que prorrogó, hasta el 31 de enero de 2021, la vigencia de todas las cédulas de identidad personal que se encuentren vencidas o expiren antes de dicha fecha, así como la de la cédula juvenil y los carnés de residente permanente para extranjeros que habitan en el país.

    La extensión busca mitigar la propagación de covid-19, preservando la salud de la población panameña.

    A través del comunicado de prensa, la entidad recordó que según el Decreto 30 del 29 de julio de 2020, que lleva la firma de los tres magistrados del pleno, la prórroga es sin perjuicio de que los interesados puedan utilizar la aplicación en línea para comparecer personalmente a las oficinas del TE a renovar su documento o tramitarlo por primera vez.

    El TE hizo un llamado a las entidades bancarias e instituciones que solicitan la cédula de identidad personal para realizar un trámite, a que acepten el documento, aunque esté vencido o próximo a vencer hasta el 31 de enero de 2021.

    La institución reafirmó a la ciudadanía que tiene a su disposición plataformas tecnológicas para el seguimiento de los trámites de cedulación efectuados.

    Los interesados en conocer el avance de la solicitud del documento de identidad personal, pueden acceder a los sitios web del Tribuna Electoral para: saber dónde se encuentra su cédula, para conocer el recorrido del duplicado de cédula (mayoría de edad y juvenil) y para realizar citas de cedulación (solo en la sede de Ancón).

    La entidad también recordó a los ciudadanos que el costo por un duplicado por primera vez es de $15. De la segunda vez en adelante, por el duplicado se debe pagar la suma de $25. En el caso del duplicado de las cédulas juveniles, el monto es de $4 y el costo de los carnés de residente es de $50.


    Moderator comment: Below is an unedited automated translation of the above news article.


    Cédulas expired in the middle of covid-19 will be valid until January 2021

    Interested parties can check the status of their process through the website

    By Mileika Lasso
    Updated 09/20/2020 2:55 PM

    The validity is extended to January 2021 and those who have the ID in process can consult virtually.Archive | The Panama Star

    The Electoral Tribunal (TE) reiterated this Sunday that it extended, until January 31, 2021, the validity of all personal identity cards that are expired or expire before that date, as well as that of the juvenile identity card and cards of permanent resident for foreigners living in the country.

    The extension seeks to mitigate the spread of covid-19, preserving the health of the Panamanian population.

    Through the press release, the entity recalled that according to Decree 30 of July 29, 2020, which bears the signature of the three magistrates of the plenary session, the extension is without prejudice to the fact that the interested parties can use the online application to appear personally to the TE offices to renew your document or process it for the first time.

    The TE made a call to the banks and institutions that request the personal identity card to carry out a procedure, to accept the document, even if it is expired or about to expire until January 31, 2021.

    The institution reaffirmed to the public that it has technological platforms at its disposal to monitor the identification procedures carried out.

    Those interested in knowing the progress of the application for the personal identity document, can access the Electoral Tribune websites to: know where their identity card is located, to know the route of the duplicate identity card (age of majority and juvenile) and to make identification appointments (only at the Ancón headquarters).

    The entity also reminded citizens that the cost for a duplicate for the first time is $ 15. From the second time on, the duplicate must be paid the sum of $ 25. In the case of duplicate juvenile cards, the amount is $ 4 and the cost of the resident cards is $ 50.



  10. Quote

    Mueren dos ciclistas en accidente en Las Tablas

    Vielka Corro Ríos
    21 sep 2020 - 12:00 AM



  11. Quote

    Two training  cyclists killed in Las Tablas


    Posted 20/09/2020

    Authorities are investigating whether the driver of a sedan who hit and killed two cyclists at noon on Sunday, September 20, on the highway via Tonosí, in  El Carate de Las Tablas was intoxicated.

    The driver of the vehicle that was escorting the competition cyclists reported that whoever was driving the sedan lost control and hit three cyclists. Two of them were pinned between the car and a fence and died on the spot. and the other was able to avoid the sedan and was unhurt, reported Valentín Pérez, regional chief of operations for the Los Santos Fire Department.

    The victims were competitive cyclists  Juan Carlos Heilbron and Javier Espinosa.

    The latest tragedy occurred on the fifth anniversary of the death of the Panamanian cyclist and triathlete Mónica Isabel Licona de Zepeda, who died in 2015 after being hit by a car on the Balboa Avenue where  a memorial sculpture stands in front of the Hotel Miramar.

    Meanwhile,  two occupants of the Hyundai brand vehicle involved in this incident were taken to the hospital by a Sume 911 ambulance.



  12. Quote

    Expired ID and resident  cards validity extended to Jan 31


    Posted 20/09/2020

    The Electoral Tribunal (TE) has extended - until January 31, 2021 - the validity of all personal identity cards including permanent resident cards for foreigners living in the country. that are expired or expire before that date.

    The called on banks and institutions that request the identity card to carry out a procedure to accept the document, even if it is expired or about to expire until January 31, 2021.


  13. Quote

    Court rejects recusal move by deputy’s lawyer


    Deputy Jairo Salazar

    Posted 20/09/2020

    A challenge presented by the PRD deputy Zulay Rodríguez, as a lawyer for her colleague Jairo Salazar, against magistrate Ángela Russo has been rejected  by a plenary session of the Supreme Court

    The case is related to the complaint filed by the director of the National Police, Jorge Miranda, against  Deputy Salazar, after an incident in November 2019 in the Altos de Los Lagos sector, Colón, with several police agents. Salazar, seen as a loose cannon by many Assembly watchers is facing numerous charges.

    The complaint, along with another also filed by the Police, was admitted by the Court, and Judge Russo was appointed as a prosecutor.

    José Ayú s acts as Judge of Guarantees.

    The challenge presented by Rodríguez, who appears as Salazar's substitute lawyer, was based on the fact that she raised serious questions about Russo's appointment as a magistrate of the Supreme Court in December 2015. In the Assembly, Rodríguez voted against ratification.

    The Court is still processing two other complaints against Salazar, both presented by the PRD deputy, Kayra Harding , who accuses him of alleged gender violence. These complaints are in the office of Judge Olmedo Arrocha.

    Harding alleged that at a bench meeting, Salazar threw a bottle of water at her that hit her in the face and chest.

    Harding summoned 13 deputies from the PRD and the Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement (Molirena), who were witnesses to the events, which occurred in an Assembly hall.



  14. Moderator comment: Minsa statistics by province as of September 19th, 2020, taken from the Minsa Twitter account.



    A larger version of the image, which hopefully is easier to read.


  15. Quote

    Crece la cifra de extranjeros que abandona Panamá

    En ocho meses del año, el reporte de Migración detalla que la salida de extranjeros alcanzó los 571,733. El ingreso, en el mismo periodo, fue de 553,748. En las remesas, al cotejar el primer trimestre de 2020 con el de 2019, se observó una caída tanto en las enviadas, como en las recibidas

    Por Ismael Gordón Guerrel

    Ciudadanos de Nicaragua se concentraron en las instalaciones de la Gran Terminal de Transporte para su traslado.Marcelino Rosario | EFE

    La crisis socioeconómica provocada por la covid-19 en Panamá y en el mundo, obligó la salida del país de extranjeros que se encontraban trabajando de manera formal o informal.

    Informes del movimiento migratorio del Servicio Nacional de Migración de Panamá muestran que la salida de extranjeros por los distintos puntos de control migratorios ha sido mayor que la entrada.

    Panamá cerró sus fronteras por cinco meses desde marzo y tanto la entrada de nacionales como la salida de extranjeros fue controlada por el Ministerio de Salud, por razones humanitarias.


    Crece la cifra de extranjeros que abandona Panamá

    En ocho meses del año, el reporte de Migración detalla que la salida de extranjeros alcanzó los 571,733. El ingreso, en el mismo periodo, fue de 553,748. Una diferencia de 17,985 personas.


    En cinco meses, entre marzo y agosto, abandonaron Panamá 34,154 extranjeros. Las nacionalidades que encabezan la lista de salida de Panamá son Estados Unidos, Colombia y Costa Rica.

    Durante los últimos cinco meses la salida de ciudadanos de Nicaragua fue más notoria, porque se concentraron en las instalaciones de la Gran Terminal de Transporte.

    Nicaragua es la quinta nacionalidad con más permisos de residencia otorgados por Panamá con 398, detrás de Venezuela (2.084), Colombia (1.722), Estados Unidos (625) y China (491).

    La salida de extranjeros desde Panamá, y como en otros países, se debe a que han quedado sin medios para vivir. Panamá cerró los comercios desde marzo y las empresas han suspendido los contratos de trabajo.


    Crece la cifra de extranjeros que abandona Panamá

    Unos 600 venezolanos que están varados en Panamá pidieron a la ONU que medie para que el Gobierno de Venezuela autorice un vuelo humanitario que los regrese a su país.

    El Gobierno de Venezuela autorizó los vuelos desde Panamá y ayer, sábado, debían salir tres vuelos para la repatriación de los venezolanos varados en Panamá.

    En los tres vuelos saldrían 300 personas, entre las que están los venezolanos con boleto de avión, quienes vinieron de visita y tuvieron que permanecer en el país por las restricciones surgidas por la covid-19, así como aquellos que estaban residiendo en Panamá y debido a la precariedad que experimentaron, prefirieron regresar a su país.

    Sujey Mojica, vocera de los venezolanos varados en el país, aseguró que un censo realizado por ellos arrojó que son unas 600 personas (217 personas con boletos de regreso y otras 230 sin boleto) las interesadas en regresar a Venezuela.

    La noche del viernes, el grupo de venezolanos varados recibió la noticia deque los vuelos fueron cancelados, sin conocerse las causas.

    La Asociación de Residentes y Naturalizados de Panamá asegura que entre 100,000 a 80,000 extranjeros han mostrado su interés de abandonar Panamá.

    El reporte de Migración detalla que la mayor cantidad de salida de migrantes fue por vía aérea, pero por vía terrestre también se reporta. Por vía aérea se tiene un reporte de 87% y por la vía terrestre de 12%.

    La salida aérea de los extranjeros fue por el Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen, y la terrestre por Paso Canoas, frontera con Costa Rica.


    Sumado al movimiento de retorno a sus países de origen, el Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censo de la Contraloría detalla que sobre las remesas, al cotejar el primer trimestre 2020, con el período afín de 2019, se observó una caída tanto en las enviadas (17,5%), como en las recibidas (4,1%), atribuible a la actual crisis económica mundial provocada por la covid-19 que produjo el cese de muchas empresas en Panamá, causando desempleo a un sinnúmero de migrantes, lo que afectó esta actividad.

    La mayor recepción de dinero provino de Estados Unidos, seguido por Colombia, España y Ecuador; y los mayores envíos salieron para Colombia, Nicaragua, Estados Unidos y China. Los registros proceden de las transacciones realizadas en casas de remesas y del uso alterno de transferencias bancarias.

    El Banco Mundial ya había advertido que se prevé que en 2020 las remesas caerán cerca de un 20% en todo el mundo, como consecuencia de la crisis económica inducida por la pandemia y el confinamiento. La caída proyectada, que será la más abrupta de la historia reciente, se debe en gran parte al desplome de los salarios y el desempleo de los trabajadores migrantes, que suelen ser más vulnerables a la pérdida de puestos de trabajo y de salarios durante las crisis económicas de los países que los albergan.

    Migrantes varados

    El cierre de fronteras de los países, para evitar la propagación de la covid-19, ha retenido aproximadamente a 2.500 migrantes en Panamá.

    Los migrantes están varados en Darién, cerca de la frontera con Colombia, y en Gualaca, próxima a la frontera con Costa Rica.

    Desde la perspectiva de las entidades de Seguridad de Panamá, cuando la pandemia ceda del todo en el mundo, se producirá un fenómeno migratorio sin precedentes.

    Las autoridades panameñas esperan trasladar a los migrantes a la nueva Estación de Recepción de Migrantes (ERM) en San Vicente, provincia de Darién.


    Moderator comment: Below is an unedited automated translation of the above news article.


    The number of foreigners leaving Panama grows

    In eight months of the year, the Migration report details that the departure of foreigners reached 571,733. Income, in the same period, was 553,748. In remittances, when comparing the first quarter of 2020 with that of 2019, a drop was observed in both those sent and those received

    By Ismael Gordón Guerrel
    Updated 09/20/2020 00:00

    Citizens of Nicaragua concentrated on the facilities of the Great Transport Terminal for their transfer.Marcelino Rosario | EFE

    The socioeconomic crisis caused by the covid-19 in Panama and in the world, forced the departure of the country of foreigners who were working formally or informally.

    Reports of the migratory movement of the National Migration Service of Panama show that the exit of foreigners through the different migration control points has been greater than the entry.

    Panama closed its borders for five months since March and both the entry of nationals and the exit of foreigners was controlled by the Ministry of Health, for humanitarian reasons.


    The number of foreigners leaving Panama grows

    In eight months of the year, the Migration report details that the departure of foreigners reached 571,733. Income, in the same period, was 553,748. A difference of 17,985 people.


    In five months, between March and August, 34,154 foreigners left Panama. The nationalities that top the Panama exit list are the United States, Colombia and Costa Rica.

    During the last five months the departure of Nicaraguan citizens was more noticeable, because they were concentrated in the facilities of the Great Transportation Terminal.

    Nicaragua is the fifth nationality with the most residence permits granted by Panama with 398, behind Venezuela (2,084), Colombia (1,722), the United States (625) and China (491).

    The departure of foreigners from Panama, and as in other countries, is due to the fact that they have been left without the means to live. Panama closed shops since March and companies have suspended employment contracts.


    The number of foreigners leaving Panama grows

    Some 600 Venezuelans who are stranded in Panama asked the UN to mediate for the Government of Venezuela to authorize a humanitarian flight to return them to their country.

    The Government of Venezuela authorized the flights from Panama and yesterday, Saturday, three flights were to leave for the repatriation of Venezuelans stranded in Panama.

    In the three flights, 300 people would leave, among which are Venezuelans with a plane ticket, who came to visit and had to stay in the country due to the restrictions arising from the covid-19, as well as those who were residing in Panama and due to to the precariousness they experienced, they preferred to return to their country.

    Sujey Mojica, spokesperson for Venezuelans stranded in the country, said that a census carried out by them showed that there are about 600 people (217 people with return tickets and another 230 without a ticket) who are interested in returning to Venezuela.

    On Friday night, the group of Venezuelans stranded received the news that the flights were canceled, without knowing the causes.

    The Association of Residents and Naturalized of Panama assures that between 100,000 to 80,000 foreigners have shown their interest in leaving Panama.

    The Migration report details that the largest number of migrants departure was by air, but by land it is also reported. By air there is a report of 87% and by land of 12%.

    The foreigners' air departure was through the Tocumen International Airport, and the land through Paso Canoas, border with Costa Rica.

    Foreign exchange

    In addition to the return movement to their countries of origin, the National Institute of Statistics and Census of the Comptroller's Office details that regarding remittances, when comparing the first quarter of 2020, with the related period of 2019, a drop was observed in both those sent ( 17.5%), as well as those received (4.1%), attributable to the current global economic crisis caused by covid-19 that caused the cessation of many companies in Panama, causing unemployment to countless migrants, which affected this activity.

    The largest receipt of money came from the United States, followed by Colombia, Spain and Ecuador; and the largest shipments went to Colombia, Nicaragua, the United States and China. The records come from the transactions carried out in remittance houses and the alternate use of bank transfers.

    The World Bank had already warned that remittances are projected to fall by around 20% worldwide in 2020, as a result of the pandemic-induced economic crisis and lockdown. The projected decline, which will be the steepest in recent history, is largely due to the plunge in wages and unemployment of migrant workers, who are often more vulnerable to loss of jobs and wages during crises. of the countries that host them.

    Stranded migrants

    The closure of the borders of the countries, to prevent the spread of covid-19, has retained approximately 2,500 migrants in Panama.

    The migrants are stranded in Darien, near the border with Colombia, and in Gualaca, near the border with Costa Rica.

    From the perspective of the Security entities of Panama, when the pandemic ceases completely in the world, an unprecedented migratory phenomenon will occur.

    Panamanian authorities hope to transfer the migrants to the new Migrant Reception Station (ERM) in San Vicente, Darien province.



  16. Quote

    Drive-in Movie Theaters Returning to Panama


    Posted 19/09/2020

    Drive-in movie theaters,  which reached their peak in the early 1960s will be returning to Panama with three sites scheduled to open in October.

    They will be located in Costa del Este, Isla Perico, and Market Plaza in Costa Verde, and next year it is expected that others will  open in  the interior of the country.

    Pablo Troncoso, general producer of Autocinema told El Siglo that the client who wishes to use this service has to download an application (App) that will be used to buy tickets and meals that will be distributed by the staff of the place.

    Up to four people can enter per car for a $20 entry fee per vehicle. For   two people the price will be $15 dollars,

    Troncoso said that more than $300,000 have been invested in this project, using high-tech while projection equipment and screens.

    Drive-in live performances have been staged in many European cities and US presidential candidate has used the format for campaigning


  17. Quote

    At least two shot dead at Bella Vista clandestine party


    Posted 19/09/2020

    At d two people were killed and one was injured, in a drive-by  shooting during a clandestine party in Bella Vista after the 11 pm curfew on Friday, September 18.

     The killings took place, outside the Buko Market, the former site of the Red Lion pub on Calle 51

    Police reports reveal that a man and a woman were shot from a moving vehicle reports La Prensa.

    Neighbors who claim it is the location of clandestine parties said that. "there were at least 40 people.” at the gathering.

    The National Police and  Public Ministry officials are investigating the murders and the party.

    The same night there were killings in Río Abajo and Torrijos Carter.



  18. Quote

    Coronavirus infections  total 104,879


    Posted 19/09/2020

    The Ministry of Health announced  741 new coronavirus cases  and 16 deaths on Friday, September. The infections to date total 104,879 with 2,229 deaths.

    Active cases total 23,557. In-home isolation, 22,676 people are reported, of which 22,179 are at home and 497 in hotels. There are 881 hospitalized and 725 of them are in the ward and 156 in the ICU.

    To date, 422,352 tests have been applied with a 13.6%. positivity rate.



  19. Quote

    Copa  expanding flights in October towards 40% operation


    Posted 19/09/2020

    Copa Airlines aims to achieve a 40% operation by the end of the year meanwhile it will send 16 aircraft to the Roswell desert, New Mexico, United States, where they will remain in storage. Additionally, the company accelerated the sale of another 28 aircraft and will keep another 52 units parked in the short term at other airports in the region, and as demand grows they will be activated.

    The 16  aircraft are being sent to the United States because the desert climate does not affect the structure and system of the aircraft, as occurs in Panama with humidity and rain.

    A specialized service provider, which will be responsible for doing the required preservation maintenance.

    The first two planes were dispatched to the desert this week while the transfer of the 14 Embraer 190 planes that Copa sold to the Australian airline Alliance Airlines, began.  

    Copa Airlines has increased the number of frequencies since the “controlled mini-hub of connections” began to operate, set up by the Government to facilitate the entry and exit of Panamanians and residents.

    To date, the company offers connections to 14 destinations and in October it will add 12 new frequencies. The company is registering an occupancy of more than 60% and on flights to and from Panama, the connection with the highest demand is Miami and New York,



  20. Quote

    Venezuelan  flights snafu leaves 452 stranded at Tocumen


    Posted 19/09/2020

    Over 450 Venezuelans who were to board three flights of the country’s state-owned airline, Conviasa to their home country on the weekend were left stranded at Tocumen airport.

    The destinations of tourists trapped by the pandemic, or workers whose jobs have disappeared in the economic crisis, were  Caracas, Valencia and Maracaibo.

    Elvis Gutiérrez, one of the spokesmen for the group who want to return home, said they were informed that the flights will be rescheduled for the next few days. The time and date of the trips is not yet certain.

    Oswaldo Velásquez, an official of the Venezuelan embassy informed them on the night of Friday, September 18, that the delay was for "operational reasons."

    Gutiérrez commented that the passengers are required to have a swab test and to pay the departure $70 departure tax

    Panama’s Foreign Ministry press team said that the Government only coordinates the flights to bring home Panamanians who were abroad.

    Meanwhile, Panamanians who were booked on in-bound flights are stuck in Venezuela

    Panama has closed international flights since March 23 but allows Tocumen to function as a humanitarian flight hub and for passenger transit.



  21. Quote

    “New Messiah” among three cult members facing homicide charges


    Investigators uncovered grave on Sunday

    Posted 18/09/2020

    Three people linked to a religious cult will be charged with homicide following the discovery of a clandestine grave in the Ngäbe Buglé region. said The Public Ministry informed on  Friday, September 18.

    Last Sunday, personnel from the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences exhumed the bones of the grave, located in the Ñurum sector, in the north of the region.

    Sources from the Public Ministry said that the grave is related to the religious sect that operated in the Agua de Salud area, Ñurum district and whose alleged leaders are being detained.

    It was reported that in thie case of the sect two people who have already been charged with the alleged commission of the crimes of abuse and sexual crimes against minors. And recently a third person who calls himself The New Messiah linked to the events was arrested.



  22. Quote

    OPINION: Government off the rails

    Posted 18/09/2020

    It takes a lot to decipher the government's priorities. Authorities seem unable to see the enormous impact that the pandemic has had on the economy, causing unprecedented job losses and the closure of hundreds of businesses. Our leaders, instead of trying to revive the economy, are determined to spend what little there is. They cannot answer simple questions. What to do so that investment stimulates the economy? What do you think of when you want to spend more than $10 million to rent cars? Why, now, is it necessary to remodel the DIJ headquarters, for almost $5 million? Who told you that you have to employ people, just to speak well of the rulers in the networks? Are they seriously going to spend more than $1.5 million to strengthen the image of the Government? Regarding expenses, Why do they pay for expensive medical supplies when they can buy them at competitive prices? What was the director of the CSS thinking when he wanted to provide a questionable and expensive service to equally questionable companies in a pandemic, for $ 168 million? This is not myopia; it is blindness pure and hard. LA PRENSA, Sep.18



  23. Quote

    Copa begins transfers of planes sold to Aussie airline


    Posted 18/09/2020

    Copa Airlines began the withdrawal of its 14 Embraer 190 model aircraft,  on Friday, September 13 with the departure of the first to Costa Rica, where it will be delivered to pilots of the Alliance Airlines airline, who will take it to Australia, their final destination. 

    In 2005, Copa Airlines became the first in Latin America and the second in the world to integrate the Embraer 190 into its fleet.

    It marked a milestone in the history of the Panamanian airline, allowing them to serve dozens of cities throughout the continent that did not have connectivity with the rest of America, providing them with more opportunities for commercial development and tourism growth.

    Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Copa Airlines has maintained its fleet of 102 aircraft parked in Tocumen, and it was not until August 14 that it began to offer flights within the controlled operation authorized by the Government to facilitate the entry of Panamanians and residents. . Between April and August the company carried out humanitarian and repatriation flights from the Tocumen International Airport.

    In addition to the retirement of the Embraer fleet, Copa will also retire 14 Boeing 737-700 aircraft.



  24. Quote

    2 new defendants join ex-presidents in Odebrecht money probe


    Ex-presidenta Martinelli and Varela are defendants in money laundering probe

    Posted 18/09/2020

    The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has ordered the investigation of two new people linked to the   Odebrecht bribery investigation

    While orders to appear have already been issued, no names were revealed on Friday morning, September 18.

    The investigation involving at least $90 million in bribes began in Panama in 2015 but was interrupted the following year when Odebrecht signed an admission agreement with the United States Department of Justice.

    Then the process had several delays due to the international judicial assistance requested by the

    Prosecutor's Office and due to the legal stalling moves by the accused. The deadline for the prosecution's investigation to conclude is in October.

    The Brazilian construction company obtained multi-billion contracts in the governments of Martín Torrijos (2004-2009), Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014), and Juan Carlos Varela (2014-2019).

    Only Varela and Martinelli are charged in the case.



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