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  1. March 7th, 2021 Third Sunday of Lent Today’s Theme: “Laws and Worship Jesus driving out moneychangers from the Temple A Message from Father †Michael Reflections of Today's Scripture Readings In today’s Gospel selection (John 2:13-25,) we hear about Jesus’ action of cleansing the temple—His protest against the commercialization of religion, and the desecration of a holy place. In a deeper way it was symbolic, in the fashion of an Old Testament prophet (ref: Jeremiah 7:11; Malachi 3:1,) through which He passed judgment on the Jewish sacrificia
  2. February 28th, 2021 Second Sunday of Lent Today’s Theme: “If God is for Us, Who can be Against us?” The Transfiguration of Jesus A Message from Father †Michael Reflections on Today’s Scripture The Sacrifice of Isaac The story of God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac is strange—even shocking (Genesis 22: 1-18.) What we find most disturbing about it is the image of God that comes across. We must try to understand that the story teaches us something very important. In a very clever way, it sets out in the opposite direction to that i
  3. February 21st, 2021 First Sunday of Lent Today’s Theme: “Overcoming the Powers Of Evil” A Message from Father †Michael Reflection on today’s Scripture Readings The Liturgy of Lent is that of confidence. The days of Lent are days of salvation. More than any other, Lent is the “acceptable time” to amend our lives. The Church emphasizes this so, at Easter, we may celebrate the mystery of the passion and resurrection of the Lord with purified souls and bodies. We begin our readings with the theme of “covenant” (Genesis 8: 8-15.) Today, we learn of the f
  4. February 14th, 2021 Sixth Sunday-Ordinary Time Today’s Theme: “Spiritually Unclean” Jesus heals the Leper A Message from Father †Michael Reflection on today’s Scripture Readings Today’s First Reading (Leviticus 13,) and Gospel (Mark 1:40-45,) deal with leprosy* and uncleanliness; but transferred to another plane: the uncleanliness of one’s heart through sin. Sinners are unhappy outcasts and the Lord Jesus came to show care for them. Breaking through all the religious and social taboos, He reached out a loving and healing hand to lepers. In this
  5. February 7th, 2021 Fifth Sunday-Ordinary Time Today’s Theme: “He Heals the Brokenhearted” Jesus heals †Peter’s Mother-in-law A Message from Father †Michael Reflection on today’s Scripture Readings The Book of Job confronts the problem of suffering. The common explanation was that suffering was a punishment for sin. But in today’s First Reading, Job, a good man, suffers greatly (Job 7:1-7.) As would be the case for most of us, his suffering causes him to take a gloomy view of life. (If possible, take time to read the prologue (Job 1:1-22, 2:1-13,
  6. January 31st, 2021 Fourth Sunday-Ordinary Time Today’s Theme: “He Speaks with Authority” Jesus Teaches in the Temple A Message from Father †Michael Reflection on today’s Scripture Readings In today’s First Reading, Moses is presented to us as the ideal prophet (Deuteronomy 18:15-20.) A prophet never speaks on his own authority, but rather, on behalf of God. The Jews believed that God would raise a prophet like Moses in the Last Days. Next, †Paul urges everyone, but especially those who are celibate, to give their undivided attention to the Lo
  7. January 24th, 2021 Third Sunday-Ordinary Time Today’s Theme: “Call; Reluctance; Repentance” “Come and I will make you fishers of men” A Message from Father †Michael Reflection on today’s Scripture Readings Repentance is one of the main themes of our readings. First, we hear about the preaching of Jonah (Jonah 3:1-10,) which met with an immediate and whole-hearted response from citizens in the pagan city of Nineveh. The story shows the possibility of a heathen city repenting and turning to God. It also shows the mercy and forgiveness of God. If th
  8. January 17th, 2021 Second Sunday-Ordinary Time Today’s Theme: “Call and Response” “Behold the Lamb of God” A Message from Father †Michael Reflections on Today’s Scripture The main theme of today’s readings is that of call and response. First of all, we hear of the call of Samuel, who played a big part in the building of Israel (Samuel 3:3-10, 10-19.) Born in response to his mother’s prayers, Samuel had been dedicated to the Lord, and brought up by the priest Eli, at the sanctuary of Shiloh. Marking the beginning of a new era, he was the instrument
  9. January 10th, 2021 The Baptism of Jesus Today’s Theme: “The Beginning Of Jesus’ Public Life” A Message from Father †Michael Reflection on Today’s Scripture Selections In his account of Jesus’ Baptism, Mark’s main concern is with Jesus’ identity. The heavenly voice, “You are My beloved Son,” (Psalm 2:7,) one used for the coronation of kings from the house of David, and thus points to Jesus as the Messiah. The words, “With You I am well pleased,” (Isaiah 42:1,) pointing to Jesus as Isaiah’s “Suffering Servant,” who is to bear the infirmities of many.
  10. January 3rd, 2021 Feast of the Epiphany Today’s Theme: “Searching for the King” A Message from Father †Michael Today, we celebrate the appearance of our Lord, Jesus Christ, on the human scene. As the feast of Epiphany is celebrated now in the Western Church, it brings out a prominent aspect of the Christmas Mystery, namely, the manifestation (or, Epiphany) of the universal dominion of the newborn King to the whole world, as dramatized in Jesus’ manifestation to the Magi, or “wise men” from “the East.” Christian tradition has always accepted the Magi as the fir
  11. December 27th, 2020 Feast of the Holy Family Today’s Theme: “Family Life” A Message from Father †Michael Reflection on Today’s Scripture Selections Our First Reading today stresses the “giftedness” of Isaac (Genesis 15:1-6; 21:1-3.) In Old Testament times, childlessness was seen as a curse. But Christians no longer regard it in this way. While it might be a source of great sadness for some, it should not be viewed as a punishment from God. When we encounter him today, Abraham was sad and worried because he had no heir. But he was faithful that
  12. December 25th, 2020 CHRISTMAS DAY Today’s Theme: “The Word of God Made Flesh” A Message from Father †Michael At Christmas, preachers sometimes rail against the absence of “Christ” in Christmas—exclaiming how pagan Christmas has become—as if the first Christmas was ideal. We must not forget Jesus came into a pagan world! It is far better to stress the presence of Christ in Christmas, and help people find Him. Nevertheless, we may hear how “blasphemous” it is to express the feast as “X-mas.” However, consider this: The two Greek letters, Chi (X) and Rho (
  13. December 20th, 2020 Fourth Sunday of Advent Today’s Theme: “The Never-ending pursuit of God’s Will” "Be it done unto me according to your will." A Message from Father †Michael It’s not uncommon that when a mother is expecting a baby, the whole family is expecting with her. There is joy in expecting a beautiful “happening” to come. We also experience excitement in anticipation of a vacation trip, that will be an entirely new experience. We inquire of friends who have been to the same place we are about to see, anxiously listening to their recollections
  14. December 12th, 2020 Third Sunday of Advent “Gaudete Sunday” Today’s Theme: “My Spirit Finds Joy in God My Savior” John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness. A Message from Father †Michael Scripture Note Our Sacred Liturgy for today deals with “joy”--but not a joy that can be obtained “overnight.” It is joy that is found in service. Christianity doesn’t have all the answers for all questions, but if you are yearning for real joy, happiness and peace of mind, you should prayerfully meditate on these readings. To begin, we hear th
  15. December 5th, 2020 Second Sunday of Advent Today’s Theme: “All Mankind Shall See the Salvation by Our God” John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness. A Message from Father †Michael Scripture Note Our First Reading, today, is a message of hope and consolation, addressed to the exiles in Babylon (Isaiah 40:1-11.) Considering their state of oppression, there was little basis for hope at that time. Nonetheless, Isaiah assures his people that God is about to come to their aid, and will lead them back to their own land in a “
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