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  1. My car is registered in Panama City. I had someone there that normally sends me my plate pay for my new plate at the end of last month, however the person tells me that they are behind on manufacturing the plates. I find it odd that I can't even get a sticker or something indicating the new expiration. All I have right is a photo of the receipt for the new plate on my phone if I should get pulled over. Does anyone have verification or comment on this situation. Thanks, Bart
  2. "... If I were you, I'd be grateful for the "learning" experience you found here. Not only about food poisoning, but the legal jeopardy you were entering by continuing to insist it was caused by XXX restaurant. No one wants to attack anyone personally, it is just that some "newbies" are not aware of the slander laws here. In some ways, we were all trying to protect YOU. I know it may feel as if you were ganged up on, but I feel we need to get the "no slandering in Panama" message out. Even if it is a"true statement" in Panama, unlike in the U. S., you are not protected by being "right",
  3. Steve, I already explained that the OP was not well stated. I retract the salmonella Suggestion ( not a direct accusation ). There is no doubt in my mind that the cause of my illness was food poisoning, which is not gastroenteritis (disease). One can barely move when their entire stomach cavity is in that kind of pain. I could only make it to the bathroom to throw up periodically. The incubation was 9-10 hours for the total shutdown. I had some bottled tea that had been sitting I noticed may have been a bit rancid, so no, I cannot be 100.00% certain of the causality of my distress. But cl
  4. What's irresponsible is claiming **I** put people in danger. How did someone come up with that ? It was an isolated case, but 99% cause-effect. Not well stated in the OP by me. The odds are overwhelming that there was something, anything wrong with my food that day. I wish people would stop deflecting the truth. I like Chinese food. I had the same dish ( Curry Chicken ) in carry--out from them once before. No problem. I'm the one losing out by being forced to blacklist them now. My date had something entirely different and she did not get sick. I just related my experience and I am finish
  5. And I had a bit of discomfort when I left the restaurant. If that means it was not exactly salmonella that is fine with me. It is only empirically-based speculation. If the post should be deleted I would have no problems with it - I did my job!
  6. I am responsible enough to issue a warning about my experience. Mr. Steve. How do you know about their hygiene unless you have a vested interest in the establishment ? Have you just decided to walk into their kitchen and do an inspection. You made certain that they didn't use the same cutting board they had chopped the chicken on later without a profuse cleaning, right ? I also invite you to get the hell out of Panama, I am staying.
  7. I invite each and every one of you to go eat there. I am not a medical expert but 9 hours later I had a stomach full of their chicken that was causing great pain and could only come out the way it went it over the course of 4 to 5 hours. Just relating my experience, and as they say in Chicago, "I'm happy ya's all."
  8. Last I heard they had visited Colombia and returned with a glowing report about it and were moving there. This would have been sometime in the first half of 2016.
  9. A couple weeks back I got deathly ill from what appeared to be classic Salmonella after eating a sit-down Chicken Curry meal at the ChopStix in Alto. As one lady put it, "I thought I was going to die." describing her experience with food poisoning. I've had food poisoning before but nothing of the severity of this. Talked to a guy at Value Motors, he said he had heard that other people had gotten sick there. You've now been warned.
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